Martin Luther King and his shattered dream

Rev. Martin Luther Jr. (1929-1968) is quoted as saying:”Racism is at peak in America at 11:00 on Sunday“. 48 years ago he also said: “I have a dream“. Unfortunately, his dream has also been shattered as not much has changed for the great majority of Afro-Americans (12.6% of country’s total population) in the US.

History tells us that no society has ever been changed for the better by maintaining the existing status qua. Rev. Martin Luther Jr. was one of those leaders who wanted to raise the living standard of his fellow Blacks without rocking the boat. He wanted to play the role of American Gandhi. The later fought for the rights of 200 million untouchable Hindus (Dalit) but failed and met a terrible death at the hands of a Hindu belonging to an upper-caste. Luther, too, failed and met a terrible death at the hands of his own people.

Rev. Jesse Jackson sums up the ‘progress’ of Afro-Americans under a Black President Barack Obama this way: “In 1963 we’re un-free; today we are unequal“. Incidently, Jesse Jackson’s son Rep. Jesse Jacksn Jr. who just made a week-long pilgrimage to the Holy Land on the expense of anti-Black Jewish group – has advised the Palestinians to drop their guns in favor of non-violent protests as Rev. Martin Luther Jr. did (a miserable failure).

Both Martin Luther and Mahtama Gandhi were creations of the establishment. The first was created to counter Malcolm X, who after discarding his anti-White rhetoric had started criticizing the establishment. Gandhi, a non-religious person was turned into a saint to control more than 80% of India’s population deprived of basic human necessities. Anna Hazare is the latest Hindu saint in making.

Let me start with some of Rev. King’s ‘dreams’ which has been fulfilled. There is half-Black Barack Obama (his mother is White) in the White House and 42 Black Congressmen icluding two Muslim converts, one Black Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts (second in US history. The first was Douglas Wilder of Viginia) – but no Senator – And the current US representative at United Nations, Dr. Susan Rice. While Blacks dominate American sports, the coaches and managers are very rare.

Now the ‘unfulfilled’ dream. The 2011 projection shows that 75% of Black children will born to poor single-mothers. More than 56% of Afro-Americans cannot dream of home ownership. 20% of Afro-Americans have no health insurance while 60% of all American women with AIDS are Black.

The US Census Bureau says that one out of every eight American lives in poverty. The poverty rate among Blacks is three times higher than Whites.

Professor Cornel West (Princeton University), who, along with millions of Americans were fooled by Obama’s ‘we can do it’ – now says: “Obama must stand up and defend and fight for the plight of the poor in this country. But he has become a ‘Black mascot’ of Wall Street oligarchs and a Black puppet of corporate plutocrats. America needs a war on poverty rather than a war on terror”.

Don’t take me wrong. United States is not a poor country. It has the larget numbers of billionaires (3,500) and millionaires (320,000) in the world. Americans will be spending more than $680 billion on its war machine this year to maintain country’s status as the ‘Great Satan’.

The dedication ceremony of Rev. Martin Luther Jr. Memorial – scheduled for Sunday, has been postponed for a few weeks.


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