Did Mossad hit Algeria?

The last Friday of the Muslim-fasting month of Ramadan – was declared as International Al-Quds Day by Imam Khomeini in 1981. The Israeli Mossad choose the day to hit another Muslim nation after its bombing of United Nations building in Abuja (Nigeria) a few days ago. This time its victims were 36 people including 12 Algerian officers in training at Algerian military academy in Cherchell while they were at an Iftar (breaking of day’s fasting) party inside the military academy compound. The suicide bombing injured another 20 people.

Algeria’s Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Gaid Salah flown in to investigate the incident. Niether the phony Al-Qaeda nor the supporters of Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) has taken credit for this false-flag operation.

In July 2007 – Said Sahnoun, a Algerian newspaper correspondent was sentenced to 10 year in jail for being a Mossad agent. He was accused of passing information on Algerian Army to Israel.

In March 2010, Algerian security forces arrested an Israeli spy in Hassi Messaoud, Alberto 35, for entering Algeria on a fake Spanish passport. He was bound to meet pro-US Salafi terrorist groups in Algeria. Some of them have fought along anti-Qaddafi rebels. John Pistole, deputy director FBI travelled to Libya to plead for Alberto.

It has been reported by some local and foreign sources that the so-called ‘Islamic Terrorists (GIA)’ in Algeria is a French-Israeli front to demonize true Islamic groups.

Maj. Gen. David Hogg has admitted that Washington is training Algerian military officers to help AFRICOM’s land forces fighting Zionists’ wars in Africa. He believes that fighting Islamic groups (Boko Haram in Nigeria) and the anti-Israel regimes (AFRICOM did take part in war on Qaddafi) is part of his job.

Swedish-Algerian journalist Yahya Abu Zakariya, had claimed recently that Mossad was behind Oslo terrorism.

In 1954, Israeli Col. Benjamin Givli, revealed the purpose of Lavon Affair, during which several British assests were targeted by Mossad in Egypt: “Our goal is to break West’s confidence in the existing (Gamal Abdul Nasser) regime. The actions should cause arrests, demonstrations and expression of revenge. The Israeli origin should be totally covered while attention should be shifted to any other possible (Muslim Brotherhood) factor”.

Algeria gained indepence from France in 1962 after the death of over 250,000 Algerian men, women and children at the hands of French soldiers during country’s independence struggle. In June 1991 election, FIS won an absolute majority but Algeria’s secular military elites carried out a coup with French help to stop Islamists taking power. The most shocking for the West was the news that more than 40% of the FIS elected MPs were educated in western universities with a significant numbers holding PhDs.

The notorious anti-Muslim French Jewish ‘philosopher’, Bernard-Henri Levy, was born in Algeria in 1948. He played a major role in the division of Pakistan into Bangladesh – and now he is playing dirty hand against Bashar Assad, President of Syria on behalf of Israel.


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