Dean of RAF under Lobby’s knife

Dean of the Royal Air Force College, Dr. Joel Hayward (born 1964) is being demonized by pro-Israel media for criticizing British and NATO’s invasion of Libya. That proves, like Sudan and Syria – Israel is a major player behind regime change in Libya.

On Monday, NATO ‘liberated’ 85 innocent villagers near the city of Zliten in western Libya from Qaddafi’s forces by bombing them to death. (Watch video below).

The Jew-owned British Mail Online (07 August 2011), called Dr. Hayward ‘Ayatollah of RAF’, for his criticism of NATO’s indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Libya. As expected from a professional Zionist propagandist, the writer, Ian Gallagher, took Dr. Hayward’s statements out of context and avoided to provide a link to his referred “Muslim Magazine“. The original article, entitled ‘The West runs the risks of its good intentions (and inconsistencies) leading to distrust’ published in 08 May 2011 issue of emel magazine, can be read here.

“Even if they have saved dozens or hundreds of civilian lives, western armed forces should not now be tempted into becoming what their critics already see them as: the air corps of a rebel army. Preventing civilian deaths in Benghazi is one thing; militarily supporting the armed resistance of people NATO knows almost nothing about is quite another,” wrote Dr. Hayward.

“A sad irony is that government security forces elsewhere in the region (in Yemen and Bahrain in particular) have been shooting unarmed protesters — even picking them off with snipers — and have received nothing worse from western leaders than a mild telling off. The West’s inconsistent policies have not been lost on critics, who note, for example, that America seems reluctant to push too hard against those nations which buy its weapons and, more importantly, harbour its fleets. Critics also note that the West said virtually nothing when Bahrain used Saudi and other Gulf troops to aggressively suppress popular protests. Going easy on oil-supplying or military-harbouring states which violently suppress democratic protests, while simultaneously trying to change the government of an unfriendly oil-rich state, is hardly likely to persuade West-sceptical people across the globe that this is anything more than self-interest,” added Dr. Hayward.

In another article recently he likened Churchill to Mohammed,” lied
Ian Gallagher, without mentioning his source. Personally, I don’t believe Dr. Hayward would be as stupid as Ian Gallagher to equate the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with a Crypto Jew someone like Churchill.

Christian historian and author Michael H. Hart in his 1978 book entitled The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, he selected the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) No.1 while his own Lord Christ No.3, Lenin No.84, Henry Ford No.91 – while no mention of Churchill.

Interestingly, Ian Gallagher, forgot to mention that like Dr. Richard Falk, Dr. Joel Hayward, too, have Jewish family roots and he is also a former member of ‘The New Zealand friends of Israel’.

Dr. Hawyard has taught strategic warfare at British, the US, Germany, New Zealand and Indonesian military colleges. Hayward is author of several books and lectures frequently on Islamic ethic of war.

Joel Hayward’ maternal grandmother was Jewish. He had studied both Jewish history and Hebrew language. He was also founder-president of the ‘Opposition to Anti-Semitism Inc. (OAS) at University of Canterbury till 1991. Hayward wrote several papers on anti-Semitism which were published by Jewish magazines in both Britain and Australia.

Joel had his first clash with the Jewish establishment when he questioned the holy figure ‘Six Million Died’ in his Master thesis, entitled The Fate of Jews in German hands: An Historical Enquiry into the Development and Significance of Holocaust Revisionism. Read how his teaching career was ruined by the NZ Jewish Lobby and forced him to immigrate to Britain here.


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