Zionist terror targets Muslim Xinjiang

The Zionist and Hindu media were more than happy to learn that Chinese authorities had blamed Pakistan-trained jihadists for the recent terrorist attacks in the East Turkistan (Xinjiang) region. According to Chinese media, at least 14 people were killed and 42 injured in two separate incidents.

It has become a general practice among the Islam-haters to blame Muslims for the terrorist activities of Jews, Christians, Hindus and even Buddhists. They blamed Muslims for the 9/11 and the 7/7, which have been proven to be inside jobs in collaboration with Israel Mossad. The Samjhota Expres trgedy was blamed on Pakistan but turned out to be the work of the Indian Army’s serving colonel Prohit. The Malegaon bombs were blamed on Pakistan and investigations by Karkora showed a Hindutva connection. The recent Norwegian mass killer was announced to be ‘a jihadist’ but he turned out to be a pro-Israel Islam-bashing Zionist Christian.

The Xinjiang terror seems to be CIA-Mossad-RAW latest false-flag operation to create a wedge between China-Pakistan close relationship. In May, China had threatened ZOG in Washington to keep its dirty hands off Pakistan. China’s Premier Wen Jiabao offered Islamabad ‘anything’ it needs to make defence impregnable and revive economy.

Lately, Chinese media has questioned the earlier claim and has come to the conclusion that the so-called ‘terrorists’ were not trained in Pakistan.

Many western analyst even question the existence of East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), as a military resistance group anymore. “I have seen no irrefutable evidence that ETIM still exists or that it is responsible for the recent round of violence,” Gardner Bovingdon, a professor of Central Asian studies at Indiana University, said.

ETIM was listed as ‘terrorist organization’ in 2002 by world’s greatest terrorist state (the US). ETIM is one of several native Turkic-speaking Uighur groups who are seeking to liberate their native land from Chinese occupation. Muslim-majority East Turkistan was occupied by the China’s communist army on the orders of Mao Zedong on August 27, 1949. As Washington has called every native group which have put resistance to Israel or the US occupation, ‘a terrorist organization’ – China, too, calls Muslim Uighurs and Tibetan Buddhist resistance groups as terrorists. Both the US and China have claimed that ETIM has close relation with the US-Israel bogey Al-Qaeda.

Xinjiang is the only Chinese province or “autonomous” region with a Muslim majority. Indeed, along with Tibet it is the only administrative region in China in which ethnic Chinese still constitute a minority.

The non-Chinese population of Xinjiang of approximately nine million is almost entirely Muslim. The overwhelming majority of this group, approximately eight million, are Uighurs. Chinese domination of Xinjiang has never been fully accepted. This is particularly true among Uighurs. A major source of tension has been the large migration of ethnic Chinese to Xinjiang, which many non-Chinese believe has had disastrous effects on local culture, language, and traditions. Many non-Chinese say that as a result they fear being overrun culturally, economically, and politically by ethnic Chinese. Many assert that this is the aim of Chinese state policy.

To understand the way China has attempted to equate independent Uighur culture and religion with terrorism – one has to study the history of European Jewish occupation of once Muslim-majority Palestine.


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