Israel’s ‘Jewish Spring’ comes to Washington

Currently, the Zionist regime is facing its own ‘Jewish Spring’ carried out by massive tent cities all over the Zionist entity – demonstrations backed by tens of thousands and sit-in protests blocking busy roads in Tel Aviv and several other cities. Yesterday, demonstrators joined the ‘stroller march’ in Tel Aviv, Hertzliya and Kiryat Motzkin to protest high cost of raising children (how about Gaza children who have been denied the very basic needs for survival by the Israeli thugs since 2006?). The leaders of the ‘stroller march’ have rejected Treasury’s claim that free education for children aged 10 and over is unreasonable. Interestingly, both Israeli education and medicare are partially funded by the US taxpayers.

Now, some of these Israeli artists and protesters from New York have landed in Washington DC. They’re demonstrating around the White House with tents held up in the air (it’s illegal to pitch a tent near the White House). They plan to wake-up Obama to the fact that after pumping billions of USAID dollars into Israel economy – one out of every three Israeli children lives in poverty.

Israeli Joshua Mitnick, wrote in New York’s Jewish Week: “Drawing inspiration from Egypt’s revolution in February, demonstrators hung a spray-painted sign declaring the tent city “Tahrir Square/Habima.’’ Amid a double row of camping tents lining either side of the leafy boulevard, there were signs declaring, “I want a house, too’’ and “The economy is free. And you?’’

According to a Knesset report from October last year, apartment prices surged 32 percent in the three-year period ending midway through 2010. For residents of Tel Aviv the rise was nearly double, and for Jerusalem residents the surge was 48 percent.

In the video below, Natasha Mozgavaya interviews some of the tent protesters outside the White House.


2 responses to “Israel’s ‘Jewish Spring’ comes to Washington

  1. thank you for being so cynical about this ‘mostly’ left wing protest in Israel who claim rights to palestinians, Africans and bedouin as well
    Doing the same job you are trying to do in this blog, but much much better!!!
    Taking the tent protest to the white house was not for the white house… it was for the American public to wake up!
    So keep your Cynical attitude for a better couse then to shoot your own LEG

  2. Thanks but no thanks. I never understood why the Israeli hasbara pigs always like to quote their hateful Talmud to hide their stupidity?

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