Bosnia: ‘The movie UN don’t want you to see’

A new movie, The Whistleblower is set to be shown in United States and Canada on August 5, 2011 (watch the official trailer below). Last week the movie was screened at United Nations Correspondent Association. The movie is based on the eye-witness story of Kathryn Bolkovac 50, which detailed the wide-scale child sex slave and human-trafficking scandal involving US military contractors and United Nations peacekeepers in detail. She was fired by her employer, DynCorp Aerospace Co, a subsidiary of US-based DynCorp Inc. for exposing western crimes in Bosnia. Kathryn had sued her employer in 2001.

Kathryn Bolkovac, is a former US police officer who served as a peace-keeper in post-war Bosnia in 1999. She had slammed the UN for covering up the huge sexual abuse of Muslims. In the movie, her part is played by British Award-winning Jewish model and actress Rachel Weisz (born 1970). The rest of the movie cast includes Monica Bellucci, Vanessa Redgrave, David Strathairn, David Hewlett, Benedict Cumberbatch and Luke Treadaway. The movie is produced by Amy Kaufman, Celine Rattray and Christina Piovesan.

However, Eilis Kirwan, the screenwriter and the director Larysa Kondracki has edited the original horrible western barbarism to make it ‘digestible’ by the so-called ‘moral’ Judeo-Christian West audience.

“Due to international immunity, they sometimes behave in ways they never would at home. They can go into a fantasy world on these missions and don’t stay grounded in reality,” says Kondracki.

Canadian head of UN Peacekeeping force in Bosnia, Lt. Gen. Lewis MacKenzie was also reported to be participant in rape. He stayed at the rape-camp “Kod Sonje” (At Sonia’s) and was party to committing crimes against four young Muslim girls. According to sveral Bosian and western sources, nearly 60,000 Bosnian Muslim women suffered rape at the hands of non-Muslim soldiers.

Kathryn and Bosnian victims of western wars on Islam have long forgotten – but DynCorp and United Nations are still doing tens of billions of dollars business in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia while looking for future opportunities in Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Pakistan and Iran.


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