Lobby: ‘Iran turning OPEC into jihadist group’

Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad has presented Majlis with his four nominees for ministers of oil, industry, sports and cooperatives.

Ahmadinejad’s nominees are; Brigadier General Rostam Ghassemi as his candidate for the Ministry of Oil, Mohammad Abbasi for the Ministry of Sports and Youth, Mohammad Ghazanfari for this Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and Abdolreza Sheikoleslami for the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare. Ahmadinejad had merged these ministries to reduce his cabinet ministers from 21 to 17 – a decision which was disputed by MPs.

The nominee which has irked the Zionist Lobby the most is the oil minister whose nomination made the headline via Financial Times, entitled ‘Iran nominates military man as oil minister’ – but the paranoid reporter (Najmeh Bozorgmehr) could not even spell the General’s name correctly. He called him ‘Rostam Qasemi’. Any idea how many Jewish military men ran Zionist regimes and Israeli think tanks?

Brigadier General Rostam Ghassemi, a senior commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Gurad, is blacklisted by Zionist occupied US, EU and Australian governments. If accepted by the Majlis – Ghassemi will also head the OPEC.

In an interview with Fars on Wednesday, Ghasemi said the revolutionary guards would also work as a contractor with the oil ministry if his nomination were approved by parliament. “We have strong and skilful people working for Khatam al-Anbia (the Final Prophet) who are capable of taking up oil-related projects and I don’t have any concerns over the activities of the base,” he was quoted by Fars as saying after the news of his nomination broke out.

Islamic Republic is the second largest exporter among the OPEC members. Last year Tehran took OPEC presidency first time since the 1979 Islami Revolution.


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