North Korea, Israel and American double standards

Israel-Firster, Hillary Clinton, said on Sunday that she has invited North Korea’s former N. Korean chief nuclear negotiator for years and currently country’s deputy foreign minister to see if the nuclear talks can be restarted after two-year break.

“This will be an exploratory meeting to determine if North Korea is prepared to affirm its obligations under international and six-party talk commitments, as well as take concrete and irreversible steps toward denuclearisation,” Hillary said.

One doesn’t need a PhD to understand that Hillary was speaking from both sides of her mouth. She has insisted on many occasions that Iran, Syria and Pakistan also fulfill their “international commitments” but when someone mention Israel – her face always turn red.

There are several ‘similarities’ between N. Korea and Israel, beside both being non-signatory to NTP and in possession of nuclear bombs – Israel (240-400 nuclear warheads) and N. Korea (3-8 nuclear heads). For example, like Palestinian Muslim and Christian natives’ claim that 78% of their ancestral land is occupied by alien Jews – N. Korean claim that South Korea, even after 58 years, is still occupied by the US forces and the regime in Seoul is an American puppet. In fact, N. Korean are not wrong in their claim. There are 38,000 US occupation soldiers in South Korea stationed along North’s border. US, in the good-old days, used to have 35 military bases in South Korea.

North Korea has been at war with United States since July 27, 1953. On the other hand, Palestinians have been waging their resistance, both non-violent and armed one, since May 15, 1948.

Washington demands that Pyongyang first abandon it nuclear program before a ‘meaningful’ negotiation can be held. Pyongyang insists on talking other issues first before its nukes.

The Zionist regime also insists that its Palestinian victims recognize the Jewish occupation as a ‘Jewish state’ before it hold ‘peace negotiation’ with Fatah but still not with democratically elected government of Hamas.

So why Hillary is courting N. Korea now? Well, here is a very good reason. United Nations’ Conference of Disarmament has just named N. Korea its Chairman. This is the Forum where UN members negotiate disarmament and other arms control agreements. The Forum is heavily focused on the prevention of a nuclear arms race and nuclear disarmament. At this position N. Korea will be able to stop Washington bullying Iran, Syria and Pakistan – plus it might help the Middle Eastern countries demand to force Israel to open its nuclear facilities for IAEA’ inspection.

The first shot on N. Korea’s appointment was no other than Canada’s Israel-First Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, who said: “North Korea is simply not a credible chair at this United Nations body. The regime is a major proliferator of nuclear weapons and its non-compliance with its disarmament obligations goes against the fundamental principle of this committee”.

In 2007, Israeli airforce bombed a Dair Alzour site which the Zionist regime had claimed to be nuclear plant being built by Damascus with the help of N. Korea. Syria being a signatory of NPT (Israel is not) has every right to develope its civilian nuclear program. In June 2011, the head of UN nuclear watchdog IAEA, Yukiya Amano, took a swipe at Israel for bombing a building with no proof of a nuclear reactor.

N. Korea doesn’t recognize the Zionist entity – calling it a ‘western imperialist satellite’.


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