J Street: ‘How to derail one Palestine solution’

If we can talk to the Germans, we can talk to Arabs; they never did what Germans did to us,” Gen. Nehemiah Dagan, a former Israeli chief education officer.

On Monday, seven Israeli military and diplomat ‘Zionazi heavyweights’ gathered in J Street office in Washington to stress the importance Obama’s great offer for a Palestinian state for the survival of the Zionist entity.

According to Washington Jewish Week (July 26, 2011) – “They are in town at the behest of J Street for a series of high-level meetings with officials from the White House, State Department and Pentagon, took time from their jam-packed schedule to explain why Israel’s 1967 borders are not only defensible, but imperative to Israel’s future as a Jewish (sic), democratic state (sic)“.

The ‘seven gladiators’ included Gen. Natan Sharoni, Gen. Nehemiah Dagan, Gen. Shlomo Gazit, as well as several military and peace talk activists. On July 26, they met with senior officials at the White House National Security Council and at the State Department.

J Street is an Israeli lobbying group with a ‘Gandhian mask’. However, it’s considered a threat by the old hawkish AIPAC. In May 2011 – a J Street delegation visited Israel. David Bedien wrote an Op-Ed in Israel daily Arutz Sheva, entitled ‘J Street is Anti-Israel, Not Pro-Peace’, in which he claimed that J Street had congratulated Mahmud Abbas for making peace with Hamas (an old story by now); had received funds from Saudi embassy, George Soro, the 51st Jewish Messiah, Richard Abdoo, a wealthy leader of US-Arab community, Mehmet Celebi, the Turk-American who helped produced the anti-Semitic Turkish documentary Valley of the Wolves and even slept in the same bed with the National Iranian American Council (an anti-Islamic regime nationalist organization).

Yoram Peri, director of Israel Studies at the University of Maryland, had this to say about the seven Ziozani gladiators: “These are people who contributed a lot to Israel, much more than any of the big mouths that are talking today in the Israeli Knesset“.

Each of the leaders interviewed defended President Barack Obama’s Middle East record, and encouraged him to get even tougher.

Gen. Dagan told US officials that if Israel abandons its inherently Jewish morals, “the state will not survive” Calling the current impasse in peace talks with the Palestinians untenable, Gen. Dagan went on to declare that he is prepared “to talk to Hamas today“.

Gen. Dagan challenged the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) by saying: “Are you ready to listen to different voices or is being patriotic to your country only if you’re in the frame of the right?” I am surprised that Dagan is ignorant of the fact that AIPAC’s definition of being ‘patriotic’ is to be ‘Israel-Firster’.


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