South Sudan’s ‘midwife’

African have been victims of murderous western colonization for greed and the spread of the so-called ‘Word of God’. A vast majority of people in those regions know very well that the western powers has no interest in their social and economic well-being or bringing democracy and human-rights to replace the current barbaric regimes. However, the West has created plenty of traitors among those countries who are willing to help the West to re-colonize Africa.

The western Zionist-controlled mainstream media will never like you to know the evils behind the recent break-up of Africa’s largest Muslim nation, Sudan. It has nothing to do with Arab-African or Shari’ah conflict. It’s part of western imperialists’ desire to recolonize part of Sudan and exploit its natural resources, mainly, oil, Gum arabic, Nile water for Israel and uranium.

The US politicians, Christian Right, Jewish Lobby and Israel have played the role of midwife for the creation of South Sudan on July 7, 2011 and became 193rd member of United Nations. Watch a video below.

South Sudan and Darfur is home to 12% of world’s known oil reserves. Sudan also produces 50% world’s best quality Gum arabic and uranium. China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has invested tens of billions of dollars in the development of oil and uranium exploration in Sudan.

Gum arabic (photo on top left) is as crucial to US economy as oil. So much so, that even the US-Israeli ‘crippling sanctions’ against Omar al-Bashir’s regime in Khortoum have never been applied to Gum arabic’s import from Sudan. Gum arabic is used in the production of Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other soft drinks, extiles, printing, hi-tech and more.

Chad and Nigeria are now major producers but they cannot rival Sudan, which produces the best quality, “hashab,” and half of global supply. Sudan’s supply is so indispensable to the West that, without the knowledge of US consumers, trade has continued between the shores of the Red Sea and the eastern seaboard of the US despite the embargo imposed on Sudan in 1997.

The more the US imposes trade sanctions on us, the more gum arabic we export to them,” said Isam Siddig, a Sudanese businessman. Resin is essential to fizzy drinks, the ultimate symbol of US capitalism. “We may have our ethics, but don’t take away our Coca-Cola,” said a US expert on Sudan.


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