Rabbi, Torah and US Constitution

Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater posted an article on Huffpost on July 2, 2011 in which he claimed that like the US Constitution, Torah (Old Testament) can be debated and revised to conform to human desire (in fact both the OT and NT have long been corrupted by interested people, according to Dr. Robert Funk, a world-renowned authority on the New Testament).

“The ideals and values of the Declaration and the Constitution, I wanted to share some thoughts about how this struggle to understand the meaning of an original document, formulated in a different time, in a different era, by very different people, is a very Jewish idea, one that we in fact gave to the world thousands of years before 1776,” wrote Rabbi Grater.

In other words, the good old Rabbi Grater believes that like US Constitution, the Jewish Bible (Torah) was also written “by different people in different times” – and is not Word of G-d.

This reminds me Thomas Jefferson (d. 1826), the principal author of Declaration of Independence and third President of US&A (1801-09), who is quoted as saying: “Ethics were so little understood among the Jews, that in their whole compilation called the Talmud, there is only one treatise on moral subjects. Their books of morals chiefly consisted in a minute enumeration of duties…What a wretched depravity of sentiment and manners must have prevailed, before such corrupt maxims could have obtained credit. It was the reformation of this ‘wretched depravity’ of morals which Jesus undertook.” 

Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon wrote on July 16: “Israel defines itself as a Jewish state, and Jewishness is, sadly enough, inherently intolerant; indeed, it may be argued that Jewish intolerance is as old as the Jews themselves“.

Zionist Jews love to call their occupation of Arab land as the ‘only Jewish state’, even though it’s not recognized as such by both UN and the US (see photocopy of the document signed by US President Harry Truman on May 14, 1948 at top left of this post). Rabbi, as a typical Zionist con-man, is trying to fool his readers that though a lot of Israeli laws contradict Torah commands, it’s so because Torah and Talmudic teachings have been revised to conform to the laws of modern western civilization, such as capital punishment, stoning, polygamy, women rights, etc. Furthermore, the Rabbi wants his readers to believe that Jewish Talmud which is the ‘guiding light’ for Zionists’ genocide of Arabs for the last 63 years – is acutally a ‘reformed version’ of Torah.

Death penality has been used in Israel in various different ways – from execution of Adolf Eichmann to the murder of former Iranian former deputy defense minister General Ali Reza Asgari in Israel’s Ayalon prison. And let us not forget – a month ago, a Jerusalem religious court sentenced a dog to death by stoning, which is allowed under Jewish Halacha.

The Constitution must never be allowed to become an idol, just as the Torah must never be allowed to become an idol,” says Rabbi Grater. I could not agree more as both were written by the interested elites for their own benefits.


2 responses to “Rabbi, Torah and US Constitution

  1. Salaam Rehmat, I hope this finds you well.

    I was wondering if you would be interested/willing to come on my program sometime to talk about your great work on the site here? If so, please email me at nomorewarsforisrael@gmail.com



  2. Wa Salaam – I am very grateful for your kind words – but I’m a writer and not a good speaker.

    However, if you need any other assistance, please do let me know. I will be more than glad to help.

    Best wishes

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