Richard Falk, Cartoon and the Lobby

Richard Falk has removed the controversial cartoon from his personal blog. The cartoon was not anti-Christ or anti-Islam which are considered kosher as part of ‘freedom of speech’ in the West. The cartoon, in fact, depicted a dog wearing a shirt labeled “USA” and a yarmulke marked with a Star of Zion devouring a bloody human carcass. Lady Justice stands by blindfolded, holding the dog’s leash as it urinates on her feet.

According to Falk the cartoon was meant to show Washington’s double standards related to the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrants for Libyan President Qaddafi and his son. In all practical sense, ICC is a ZOG Judicial setup. A few years ago, it issued arrest warrant for another sitting Muslim President of Sudan. However, it refuses to prosecute the US and Israeli mass killers.

Obama administration along with several Jewish organizations have demanded that United Nations’ dismiss Professor Richard Falk(Princeton University), its special rapporteur on Palestinians’ rights under Jewish occupation – for posting an ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon on his website.

Interestingly, Dr. Richard Falk (born 1930), who claims to have Jewish family background has been under attack by the Israel-Firsters and Jewish groups for being critical of Israel in his fact-finding reports to United Nations.

The little unknown reason for Zionists’ hatred of Richard Falk is his meeting with Imam Khomeini in France in 1979. On February 16, 1979, Falk wrote an Op-Ed titled Trusting Khomeini, in the New York Times full of praise for Imam Khomeini while refuting western lies about the Imam and the Islamic Revolution.

“Ayatollah Khomeini said recently, in France, that in any well-governed
society “the ruler does not live very differently from the ordinary person.” For him, to be religious is to struggle for these political goals, yet the religious leader’s role is to inspire politics, not to govern. Hence, it is widely expected that he will soon go to the holy city of Qum, at a remove from the daily exercise of power. There he will serve as a guide or, if necessary, as a critic of the republic.

In looking to the future, Ayatollah Khomeini has spoken of his hopes to show the world what a genuine Islamic government can do on behalf of its people. He has made clear frequently that he scorns what he considers to be the so-called Islamic Governments in Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Pakistan,” wrote Falk.

On March 22, 2011 – Richard Falk was interviewed by Kevin Barrett PhD, during which Falk said: “I would add one word about Ahmadinejad; I had a message from a friend in Lebanon who said his recent visit to Lebanon was greeted with the greatest enthusiasm expressed toward any foreign leader in the history of the country. This is an indication of how far we, in this country, and our media, are disconnected with the mood and climate of opinion elsewehere. Lebanon is a country that wasn’t particularly thought of as even being in the Islamic world, it’s as a divided country. But Iran did a great deal to help the reconstruction of Lebanon after the 2007 devastating air attacks by Israel, and the people of the country recognize this, and express their thanks and gratitude toward Ahmadinejad, as well as his position on the Israel-Palestine conflict. I think it is very, somehow, important that like your own try to break through this wall of deception that the American people have been living behind for so long now that they don’t even understand that they are being manipulated in a very dangerous and self-destructive way”.


2 responses to “Richard Falk, Cartoon and the Lobby

  1. Through manipulating a certain country would appeals to be a great danger, that might the starting point that they will give a chaos out of it. We must not go beyond the limitation on manipulating especially on the country basically on US.


  2. In other words you believe that US has the divine rights to plunder the world for greed and protect its Jewish masters occupying Palestine!

    Do you know that the US has less than 6% of world population but its population consumes more than 40% of worlds resources and produce 50% of world garbage while maintains its military presence in more than 145 foreign countries?

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