Israel: ‘Why Egyptian hate Jews so much?’

Israeli ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren, is very upset with some of the statements made by a vice-Chairman of Egypt’s secular pro-democracy Wafd party. In an interview Ahmed Ezz El-Arab gave to the pro-Israel, The Washington Times, published on July 5, 2011 – he challenged the 9/11 and Holocaust ‘official’ stories and called Anne Frank’s memoir “fake”.

Ahmed Ezz El-Arab also mocked Barack Obama for being ‘a black rabbit’, drawn out of American hat by powerful lobby groups. “We don’t want Obama to plan anything for us,” he said.

Ahmed Ezz El-Arab said he is no admirer of Ahmadinejad, but do agree with him that Nazis could not have killed six million Jews. “The Jews under German occupation were 2.4 million. So if they were all exterminated, where does the remaining 3.6 million come from?,” asked El-Arab. He called Holocaust narrative of ‘Six Million Died’ a “sacred cow”.

Ahmed Ezz El-Arab said he agree that the Nazis killed hunreds of thousands of Jews. But the gas chambers and skinning Jews alive – are ‘fanciful’ stories.

Ahmed Ezz El-Arab claimed that he studied Anne Frank’s Diary as a doctoral student in Stockholm. “I can swear to God, it’s a fake. The girl was there but the memoirs are fake,” he said.

Ahmed Ezz El-Arab called Israeli propaganda against Muslim Brotherhood as “absurd”. He claimed that even a pro-Muslim Brotherhood government in Cairo would not cancel the Israel-Egypt peace treaty (a cash cow bringing in $1.5 billion US taxpayers’ each year). In fact, it’s not the treaty that worries Israel but its loot of Egypt’s natural gas supply. Israel gets 45% of its total annual gas consuption from Egypt which cost Egyptian taxpayers’ some $10 billion each year. A former deputy foreign minister, Ibrahim Youssri, calls it a treason against his country.

Ahmed Ezz El-Arab gave the interview last month during his visit to Budapest, Hungary. He visited Budapest to attend the inauguration of Tom Lantos Institute, (TLI) a pro-democracy and human rights think-tank named after the Hungarian-American Jewish Congressman. Professor Tom Lantos (d. 2008), was hailed by AIPAC as the only ‘Holocaust survivor’ in the Congress. The inauguration ceremony was presided by no other than Israel-Firster, Hillary Clinton (read her speech here).  Rita Izsák, a member of Roma community is the Director of TLI. The other speakers included Annette Lantos, widow of Tom Lantos and David Killon, the US Jewish ambassador to Hungary. The ‘Israel darling’, Dr. Condileeza Rice also graced the event with her appearance.

Islam came to Hungary in the early 12th century – way before the Ottoman rule of 150 years. Three of Ottoman army generals, Khurshid Pasha, Ismail Pasha and Farhad Pasha were Christians Hungarians and Ottoman Grand Wazir (prime minister) Kanijeli Siyavus Pasha was also a Hungarian Muslim. The current Muslim population in Hungary is 50,000 (0.5% of total country’s population) as compared to the Jewish population of 100,000 (1%).

Yesterday, Caio’s Tahrir Square was avenue of ‘one million march’ who were protesting against the military junta’s slow-motion journey toward real democracy. While none of the members of pro-Israeli Mubarak government has been brought to court on corruption and treason, the military junta has tried more than 5,000 Egyptian civilians before its tribunals since Mubarak was ousted in February, many of them protesters detained during the demonstrations earlier this year.


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