Obama looks at ME with ‘Fresh Eyes’

On Monday, Barack Obama re-election fundraising campaign in Washington was kicked-off with Jewish donors. Addressing a $25,000 to $35,800 per couple dinner at Mandrin Oriental Hotel, organized by “Obama Victory Fund 2012 Dinner with the President in support of a strong US-Israel relationship” – Obama told the 80 attending Jewish donors that Israel and United States must assess the new Middle East with “fresh eyes“.

“Both the United States and Israel are going to have to look at this new lanscape with fresh eyes from a position of strength”. I bet Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah must be amused by the US President who prefer to live in self-denial. He still doesn’t see how America’s ‘mighty ally’ was defeated by Lebanese Hezbollah, an Islamic Resistance militia in Summer 2006.

Barack Obama also assured his adience that like previous Presidents, he too, is committed for the defense of Israel at all cost. He cited the closeness between the two countries, defense establishments and his increase in defense assistance to the Zionist entity. Tel Aviv has been receiving $3 billion worth of military aid on annual basis since 1970s.

Obama campaign officials expect 2012 election fund to pass $1 billion mark as compared to $780 million in 2008 election contributions. Jewish donors are expected to be the major contributors this time too.

A recent poll by McLaughlin Group has shown that Obama has lost almost half of his Jewish support (78% in 2008, down to 42% now) due to ‘lack’ of his support for Benji’s hawkish government in Tel Aviv. To recover this drop, Obama has dispatched Dennis Ross aka Benji’s man in the White House to the West Bank in order to warn Mahmoud Abbas that his plan to ask United Nations’ recognition of an independent Palestinian State in September will never materialized as the US and its ZOG western allies will block it in the UNSC. Dennis Ross is a Crypto-Jews (born to a Jewish mother) and known for his anti-Iran propaganda lies. Dennis Ross replaces Obama’s special envoy to Middle East, George Mitchell, who threw his towel last month after his two-year stunt – to make some sense out of the Arab-hating Jewish leaders in Tel Aviv. George told Obama in plain words that Israel is not interested in peace with Palestinian as long as it has the backing of powerful American Jewish Lobby. Barack Obama could not have agreed more with Mitchell.

Shimon Peres confided to his visitors recently that the way things are moving in Palestine and Middle East, “Israel as a Jewish state is doomed“.


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