Meir Dagan – From ‘hero’ to ‘traitor’

General (Aluf) Meir Dagan (born 1945), the former head of one of world’s top state-terrorist agency, Mossad, has been asked to surrender his diplomatic passport immediately after his criticism of Benji Netanyahu and Ehud Barak’s suicidal policy on Iran’s non-existent nuclear bomb. Dagan’s passport is not expired as yet and as an official policy in the past, he can use it for travel to foreign countries. Dagan asked to use his diplomatic passport for several trips he was planning in the coming weeks; however, Israeli officials denied his request and Dagan was asked to return the passport.

Early this month, Meir Dagan also irked Benji-Ehud radical Jewish government by urging them to embrace the Saudi ‘royals’ peace initiative (parroted by Ben-Obama recently), under which Zionist regime would withdraw to its 1967 borders and give East Jerusalem back to the native Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

Earlier in May, Dagan publicly criticized Israel’s stance on Iran, warning Netanyahu that should the Israeli regime launch an attack on the Islamic Republic, more than 1,000 rockets will hit “central Israel for an undetermined period of time” on a daily basis.

The former Mossad chief said that any Israeli aerial attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities would be “the stupidest thing,” and warned that any such measure “could start a regional war which will include missile fire from Iran.”

Dagan also expressed fears that “reckless and irresponsible individuals” within the Israeli premier’s circle may ignore the US opposition to an attack on Iran and Washington’s demand to go ahead with talks with the Palestinian side based on the 1967 borders.

In reaction to Dagan’s assessment, Netanyahu’s associates accused the former spy chief of being a “traitor,” “saboteur,” and “gang leader”.

Meir Dagan was appointed head of Mossad by prime minister Ariel Sharon in 2002 to re-establish agency’s reputation of world’s most terrorist organization. Dagan did not disappoint the ‘Butcher of Lebanon’ ot Ehud Olmert. It was Dagan who carried out death warrant issued by Benji Netanyahu for Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. In 2008, Dagan also masterminded the assassination of Hizbullah official Imad Mughniyeh in Syria followed by an attack on Syrian General Mohammed Suleiman in Damascus.

It was Benji Netanyahu, who during his first term as prime minister, had ordered the poisoning of Hamas political leader, Khaled Mashaal in Jordan in 1997. Khaled survived as two Mossad agents were caught red-handed and late King Hussein demanded that an antidote be handed over as a condition for Mossad agents’ release.


One response to “Meir Dagan – From ‘hero’ to ‘traitor’

  1. He remains a hero. My adored hero.

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