India wants to ‘discuss’ Kashmir – Really!

Under American drone attacks for years and the recent theatrical murder of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad – has proven beyond doubt that Pakistan is on US-Israel hit list. Contrary to that, India is being pampered by the powerful American Jewish Lobby for New Delhi’s close relation with Tel Aviv. Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh’s visit to US in 2009 – the Zionist Jewish head of America’s one of most powerful neocon lobby, Dr. Richard Haas of the Council on Foreign Relations paid glowing tributes to Singh. Haas said Singh’s opening up India’s markets to foreign investment and privatization of government-run enterprises when Singh was India’s finance minister in 1991. Haas said this decision led to India becoming a major global economic and political power. (However, many critics of these neoliberal economic policies in India, including the left parties, say that decision increased inequality and economic instability). In 2008, Bush administration signed a controversial nuclear energy deal with India, and under Bush there was an increase in joint military exercises and arms sales. Obama administration also sees India as a global power and a partner in its wars against China and Islamic Republic.

With such a good poker hand, I wonder why all of sudden India has shown its willingness to resolve its 64-year-old dispute with neighboring Pakistan on Jammu & Kashmir valley with western-puppet government of Asif Zardari? India has fought three major wars with Pakistan on this dispute and in 1971 dismembered Pakistan with the halp of US, Israel and Russia.

Islamabad has announced on Tuesday that Indian Foreign Secretary, Nirupama Rao, will be visiting Pakistan later this month to discuss Jammu & Kashmir issue. The talks on this core dispute between India and Pakistan were derailed as result of Hindutva-Mossad terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008. Mumbai’s Chabad House was Mossad’s operation center.

India has 500,000 soldiers in its occupied Jammu & Kashmir part of the valley to control the wishes of its majority population to join neighboring Pakistan or establish an independent State. So far Indian army, under Israeli military advisers, has killed more than 90,000 Muslims, mostly civilians including women and children.

Famous Indian author and Booker prize winner, Arundhati Roy delivered a lecture at Friends House, Euston, London on June 6, 2011. The lecture was organised by the International Workers Association Great Britain. In her address she deplored the silence of international community about the killing of tens of thousands of people in occupied Kashmir. She described Kashmir as the most militarized zone of the world and raised a question why the world was not responding to the peaceful protests of people of Jammu and Kashmir who came out in large numbers to demand freedom.


5 responses to “India wants to ‘discuss’ Kashmir – Really!

  1. There are currently about 300,000 Hindus from Jammu/Kashmir living in refugee camps who were forced from their homes because of a campaign of indiscriminate terroristic murder of women, children and men in Hindu villages by Muslims to force them to leave.

    The attempt to drive Hindus out of Jammu/Kashmir today is similar to what happened to the Hindus at the time of independence in 1947. The land, which is now Pakistan was comprised of about 25% Hindus. However, after the partition of India, the largest forced migration in human history occurred, resulting from large scale massacres of Hindus by Muslims. Today the percentage of Hindus in Pakistan is about 1.5 percent. Unlike the Muslims in India, who can freely practice their religion, participate in politics and business etc, the remaining Hindus in Pakistan live in fear and are forced to keep a very low profile. Many Hindu temples were destroyed.

    Rehmat, my wife is Bengali and her family is from the Dacca area of what was East Bengal and is now Bangladesh. Her father, mother and many relatives along with many other East Bengal Hindus were forced to flee at the time of partition because of wide-spread murders of Hindus.

    Your perspective on Hindu/Muslim issues concerning the land that was India is very narrow.

  2. By the way, I don’t mean to attack Muslims as a group here. I honor and respect Islam. Allah is a holy Name of God. Just suggesting that you don’t need to be quite so one sided in your analysis. And yes, we can all dig up lots of atrocities that those people of that other religion, whatever the other religion might be, have committed. I am not trying to do that here, nor do I believe it is useful.

  3. Hindu lost properties and Muslims lost lives during 1947s. If there are 300,000 Hindus refugees in J&K – then those 500,000 Hindu soldiers in J&K must have killed and rapped 80,000 Muslim men, women and children to protect your fellow 300,000 Hindu refugees, right.

    I, myself have lived in Dhakka just before the fall of East Pakistan and saw daily pictures Hindu trained and supported Makkti Bahimi thugs cutting breasts of young Muslim women while boasting “here is your Pakistan”.

    I don’t have to throw filth on any religion. The fascism of their followers is the living proof of racist and caste-based religion. The UN records say that India has so far over 4000 Indu-Muslim communal roits since 1947 while Pakistan has plenty of Shia-Sunni roits but no Muslim-Hindu roit. Oh BTW – there still plenty of Hindus in Sindh province. The Hindutva thugs are known for murdering and raping Hindu Dalits and Christian minorites.

    The Hindu fascism in occupied J&K is no different than Jewish fascism in occupied Palestine.

    Listen to Indian author and former Bollywood actress Arudhati Roy and find out the truth about Hindu fascism and J&K history.

  4. you are completely one sided…:-0 ^ islamic empires have looted India for centurieswill give you a better idea of reality…even in your reply you you use “must have”

    • YES, lol, Talmudic coward. Now listen to a Hindu Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen in his book ‘ The Argumentative Indian’:

      Recounting the destructions caused by Mahmud of Ghazni and other invaders cannot make us forget the long history of religious tolerance in India, and the fact that the Muslims, despite a fiery and brutal entry, soon developed – with a few prominent exceptions – basically tolerant attitudes………

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