Did John the Baptist betray Jesus?

Christian literature for the last 2000 have been blaming Hebrews (Pharisees) for conspiring against Jesus (Isa) and played a major role in his Crucification. However, recently, Zionist double agent Pope Benedict XVI, had exonerated Jews for the death of his Lord Christ on the Cross in his book entitled Jesus of Nazareth-Part II. I think the Pope is right in saying so, because according to Jewish historian professor Shlomo Sand, Jews did not exist in Jesus’ time. They were “invented” only a century ago.

Some Christian scholars have claimed that it was Judas, one of eleven apostles, who betrayed Jesus. Interestingly, Judas is considered a Jewish hero by many Jewish scholars who suggest the New Testament may have deceived us by vilifying Judas Iscariot. Far from being a traitor, they say, Judas may have been a slandered hero who delivered Jesus to the Pharisees at Jesus’ own request.

Lately, Clark Eberly, has given a new twist to this story. In a column published in The Washington Times (June 13, 2011), he suggested that it was John the Baptist (Prophet Yahya) who betrayed Jesus by not following him.

What part did John the Baptist have in Jesus’ death? John was a contemporary of Jesus. He was considered by many to be a great prophet, and he had a very large group of disciples and followers. In addition, John was held in great respect by many of the religious and societal leaders of that time. If John the Baptist had decided to follow Jesus, he could have brought most or all of his followers, and many of the leaders of society, to recognize and learn from Jesus, and to assist him,” wrote Clark.

Bible doesn’t mention any of Biblical prophets turning into a disciple of his contemporary prophet. Both Isac (Ishaq) and Ishmael (Ismail) were half-brothers and contemporary prophets and so were Moses (Musa) and his brother Aaron (Harun). Jesus’ mother Mary of Nazareth was prophet Zachariah’s (Zakariya) wife Elizbeth’s (al-Yashbi) cousin (Luke 1:36).

Prophet Zakariya was butchered to death by Hebrew mob when he was hidding from them in covern of a tree. They saw the tree by cutting Zakariya’s body into two pieces. Holy Qur’an (3:21) reminds Israelite of their crimes against Biblical prophets: “As to those who denies the Signs of Allah and defiance of rights, slay the prophets, and slay those who teach just dealing with mankind, announce to them a grievous penality”.

Did John ever follow up this act of support by asking Jesus, “How can I assist you?” There is no evidence of this in the Bible. Did John go to the leaders of the society and tell them that Jesus was the one they had been waiting for? Did John go, a day ahead, to every town and village that Jesus wished to visit, telling people to prepare themselves to hear the Son of God? Why didn’t John continue to help Jesus?,” wrote Clark.

First of all, John the Baptist as a genuine prophet could not have believed Jesus to be ‘Son of God’ because the later never claimed it in biological sense. The Bible (Matthew1:1)says:”Jesus Christ, the son of David…..” but then accuse prophet David (Daud) taking possession of the wife of Urias and eventually had her engaged in illicit sex with him.

Second, the Bible qoutes Jesus praising John the Baptist. “Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has risen no one greater than John the Baptist (Matthew 11:11)”.

Third, in book of John – John the Baptist tells a delegation of Rabbis that he was not the expected ‘Elijah’ or ‘the promised Hebrew Messiah’ or ‘The Prophet’. The Hebrew have used this statement to accept Jesus as their Messiah or Muhammad (pbuh) as ‘The Prophet’.

It seems Clark Eberly has tried to blame John the Baptist for the crimes his Jewish hero Judas just like the Zionists want us to believe that the 150,000 German Jews who served in Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Army, were Arabs!


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