US-Israel-Saudi war against democracy in Muslim world

The US and its allies will do anything they can to prevent authentic democracy in the Arab world,” Dr. Noam Chomsky, Jewish academic.

To western surprise, its plan to create a new Middle East and Africa, has taken a wrong turn. The plan was to create a pro-Israel and more subverted Muslim world for the West to exploit its natural resources by neutralizing people’s Islamic resistance (Jihad). However, since US-Israel military humiliation in Lebanon in Summer 2006, the people of Middle East have turned more anti-West and Israel.

Lately, Turkey and Islamic Iran have emerged new powers in the region considered to be US-Israel-Saudi backyard in the past. This have raised great alarm in Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh. In order to counter their planned regime changes in Muslim countries turning into Islamic-awakening – They have loosen their dogs in Syria, Libya, Bahrain,Yemen, Lebanon and Occupied Palestine.

The US-Israel-Saudi ‘Axis of Evil’ plans to destablize Lebanon, Syria and Islamic Resistance in Occupied Palestine to neutralized them before attacking their main target, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Benji Netanyahu duing his recent successful Hasbara tour of the US made American lawmakers brainwashed of Iran being not only a threat to the Jewish people but to the entire ‘civilized’ world. Israeli journalist Tom Segev rebuked Benji’s lies the best: “There never was a Jewish people, just a Jewish religion. There was no exile, therefore no return, and much of the Jewish Diaspora was voluntary. The story was a Zionist invention, a conspiracy to justify a future Jewish state, and now vilify Palestinian self-determination as a plot to destroy it”.

Stephen Lendman, a Jewish writer wrote in 2009: “Israel alone menaces Palestinians and other regional states, including Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. Those nations, nor any others, threaten Israel, yet again media and Zionist propaganda say otherwise”.

The Zionist Hasbara thugs having busy churning lies about Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas and Bashar Assad without shame. For example, the most quoted source in western media, ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ is NOT run by a feminist and lesbian Amina Abdallah Aral al Omari but a Zionist couple Tom MacMaster and his wife Britta Froelicher, who is studying at the University of St Andrews for a PhD in Syrian economic development.

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a Canadian-based Sociologist, scholar and writer. He is a Research Associate with the Center for Reserch and Globalization (CRG), specializing in geopolitical and strategic issues. In his latest research article, entiled ‘America’s Next War Theater: Syria and Lebanon?‘ – he exposes US-Israel-Saudi ‘Axis of Evil’ agenda to disarm and neutralize Israel’s two most feared military Islamic Resistance groups, Hizbullah and Hamas. To achieve this goal, the US-Israel-Saudi mafia is busy in destablizing countries (Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan) from which both Hizbullah or Hamas get their direct or indirect support.

Lebanon has been without a government for five months. ZOGs have taken that opportunity to destablize Lebanon by using Saad Hariri and his March 14 bloc as western proxy and creating Sunni-Shia divide in order to demonize Islamic Resistance and leader of Opposition, Hizbullah. Finally on Monday, Hizbullah-supported Najib Miqati announced a 30-member unity government.

According to Mahdi, the UNSC and several UN bodies have long been infltrated by the US and Israeli agents who are using international forums to spread lies about Hizbullah.

“The envoys of the UN to Lebanon resemble colonial figures making uninvited edicts in Beirut and working as agents of Washington, Brussels, and Tel Aviv. The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), which has an entire division in the US State Department, is also a loaded political weapon that Washington is planning on using against Lebanon and Syria,” wrote Mahdi.

As I wrote earlier that Hamas may have made peace with its opponent Fatah in good faith – but Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas being a ‘double agent’ cannot be trusted. In my honest opinion, the deal had US-Israel-Saudi blessings to triger a coup within PA, side-track Hamas and bring the corrupt Fatah leadership back in order to sell Palestinian cause to the Zionist thugs. I was right. Abbas has proposed his puppet Salam Fayyad as the premier of the new unity government which was immediately rejected by Hamas.

“Hamas wants a completely independent figure, who is accepted by the public and politically can be responsible for the Palestinian cause without being linked to foreign or American political agendas that will harm the cause,” said Mushir al-Masri, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza.

Syria under Assad dynasty have kept peace on Syria-Israel border. It has not allowed Syrian groups to recover Golan Heights occupied by Jews since 1973. However, since Damascus gave refuge to Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal and established ‘brotherly’ relations with Tehran – Bashar Assad has been declared a sworn enemy of Jews. And therefore, he must be toppled at all cost.

“There has been an attempt by the US and the EU to use the riots in Syria to pressure and intimidate the Syrian leadership. Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, and the March 14 Alliance have all played a role in supporting an armed insurrection. The Al-Sauds have also helped drown out any authentic calls for democratic reform and marginalized the democratic elements in the Syrian opposition during the protests and riots. In this regard the Al-Sauds have supported both sectarian factions as well as terrorist elements, which question the foundations of religious tolerance in Syria. These elements are mostly Salafist extremists, like Fatah Al-Islam and the new extremist political movements being organized in Egypt. They have also been rallying against the Alawites, the Druze, and Syrian Christians,” wrote Mahdi.

The destabilization and dismemberment of Pakistan (the only Muslim nuclear power) has been on US-Israel radar since 1948. In addition to neutralize Pakistan’s nuclear program – Mahdi listed three objectives of Washington policy toward Pakistan: 1) Promoting a scenario of a war with Iran: Pakistan would not be under threat of a takeover by revolutionaries that would side with Iran and its allies, 2) The targetting of Chinese interests in Pakistan, including the energy corridor from Iran to China (and the Chinese port in Gwadar), which transits through Pakistan and 3) Regional destabilization in a key area of Eurasia where Southwest Asia, Central Asia and the Indian sub-continent meet. This area extends from Iran and Afghanistan to Pakistan, India, and Western China.


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