Bible, Jesus and the Evildoers

Kenneth G. Ramey has posted an interesting article at Salem-News, entitled Conduct Based on Belief, in which he exposes the Christian religious and political extremists for distorting Biblical quotes to support their claim of Jesus being prophesized in the Old Testament.

First of all, the Jewish claim that the current Old Testament (Torah) is the true Revelation received by Moses or other Biblical prophets – is debatable. The Old Testament was written between 1500-2000 years after the death of Moses, based on Hebrew forelocks. OT is certainly not the ‘Word of God’ as the RC Church teaches its followers.

The significance of the Book of Isaiah is that it is Part of the Old Testament; it begins on P. 529 of my Bible. The New Testament begins on P. 756; 227 pages after the Book of Isaiah. Yet Isaiah’s Book introduces the coming of Christ and the rise of Christianity in terms which often differ materially from the Gospels of the New Testament written one hundred years after the fact. The Christian leadership took the thread provided by Isaiah and wove it into the so-called Gospels to suit their wildest imaginations,” wrote Kenneth.

I agree. None of the stories (the so-called ‘prophecies’) in the Book of Isaiah (50:6, 53:5, 53:7, 9:1,26,7 and 53:12) had to do with Jesus. For example, Isaiah 53:7 says: “He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth NOT his mouth”. However, according to Mark 14:61-62; Luke 22:70; John 18:37 and Matthew27:11 – Jesus did open his mouth and replied to all the questions put to him by the high priests and by Pilate.

Same can be said about the so-called ‘prophetic quotes’ concerning the arrival of Jesus in Genesis (3:15, 12:3, 17:19, 49:10), Numbers (24:17), Micah (5:2), Daniel (9:25), Jeremiah (31:15), Hosea (11:1), Malachi (3:1), Psalms (2:7, 16:10, 22:7,8; 35:11, 41:9, 69:21 and 110:4), Deuteronomy (18:15) and Zechariah (9:9, 11:12).

Jesus was named Christ just days before his crucifixion, and only after he finally committed to his role to die to become the symbol of Christianity. But it is the philosophy of the architects – the Christian Coterie whose plan it was, that Isaiah refers to as Lord or God – the real God of Christianity. Jesus was called Lord and God also, but only because he was the Word supposedly made flesh who emerged for the purpose of spreading the Word; i.e., the philosophy of the Coterie whose instruction taught Jesus what to do and say,” wrote Kenneth.

In fact, like the recent Obama’s murder of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad – there is no proof that Jesus did die on Cross in the company of two other ordinary criminals. The R.C. Church says Christ returned from his grave after three days-and-three nights but then disappeared in thin air to return once again in Holy Land to convert Jews to Christianity.

Holy Qur’an has a better explanation to the disappearnce of Jesus. He was not on the Cross but someone of his look-alike (like Obama’s fake Osama Bin Laden) who died on Cross. Pharisees said Jesus met death as prescribed by OT for a false Messiah. The Church to counter these accusation, made Jesus’ death as a pillar of Christian Salvation.

Jesus was NOT Jewish – as the later were “invented”, according to Jewish historian, Shlomo Sand, only a century ago. Jesus, even did not live in Judea, but was resident of Galilee (Matthew 26:69; John 7:41). Holy Qur’an says Jesus was Israelite and related to John the Baptist (Yahya).

Santa Clause is a fantasy too, but I know of no child who finally learned the Truth who couldn’t handle it logically and accommodating to it comfortably,” wrote Kenneth.

The Santa is only legend and fable but is well accepted by all but small , naive children. Nevertheless, hundreds of millions are spent every year based on the expectations of those children.

Not to mention that billions of dollars are collected each year by the TV evangelists and Zionist Christian leaders – a large portion of which is sent to Israel to build illegal Jewish settlements on land stolen from the Native Muslims and Christians. Christianity has been turned into a big business.

Kenneth has not mentioned that Zionist Christians believe in the Scofield Bible, a Zionist project – which is basis of their blind support for the Zionist entity.

Kenneth Ramey ends his article with the stark truth: “It is much too important, especially now, when politicians rely on what they hope will be a Christian base committed to the Republican Party (of God), a fictitious cognomen, a nickname, by which its leadership hopes to regain the Presidency by any and all means at it disposal, and our expense”.


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