Israel: ‘Only Jews have the right to infiltrate Arab lands’

 “The old will die and the young will forget (Nakba).” David Ben Gurion, first Zionist prime minister said in 1948. However, like the European Jews, Native Palestinian Muslims and Christians refuse to forget their Holocaust after 63 years.

Israel announced on Monday that it will submit a complaint to the UN Security Council against Syria and Lebanon for breach of council resolutions and violation of international law following Nakba Day  (May 15) events at the northern border. What a farce! Israel has ignored more than 138 UNSC resolutions since it was established on stolen land on May 15, 1948.

Lebanon has also filed a complaint to the UNSC against the Zionist entity for killing 25 civilian and injuring more than 150 others (in southern Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Syria’s occupied Golan heights) by Israel Occupation Force (IOF) snipers who opened fire on thousands of Palestinian refugees holding a symbolic march toward their homeland on the Lebanese side of the border on Sunday.

This is the first time tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees, both Muslims and Christians, protested along four border crossings. At three crossings, the protestors clashed with the Jewish occupation force which killed 22 protestors while Jordanian police clashed with the protestors waving Palestinian flags, gathered at the Al-Karameh (Jordan-West Bank) border crossing.

None of the Palestinians infiltrated into their lands occupied by foreign Jews, however, the same foreign Jewish soldiers have a history of infiltrating into every neighboring country (PA, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria) during the last 63 years.

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh along with two other US citizen are detained by Jewish soldiers in a village Al Walaja, between Bethlehem and Jerusalem as part of Israeli crack-down on Nakba demonstrations.

Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah fighters avoided direct involvement at Lebanon-Israel border protests, however, Hizbullah leader Sheikh Nasrallah said the protests gave the anniversary a new meaning and proved to Israel that the Palestinians hold onto their uncompromising right to return to their homeland.

“We must bow before the courage, the bravery, of those who protested yesterday at Lebanon and Syria’s borders with occupied Palestine, who faced the tyranny of the enemy with bare chests and their heads held high. Your message, loud and clear, to the enemy is that you will liberate your lands, that the fate of this entity [Israel] is demise, and that no initiatives, treaties or borders will protect it,” Nasrallah said on Monday. 

Watch video of demonstrations in Cairo, South Lebanon, Jordan, Golan Heights (Syria) and San Francisco (US) below.


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