Western meddling in Syria are doomed

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview he gave to the Russian newspaper Moskovskie Novosti published on Friday – slammed the western governments for their meddling the internal affairs of Syria. He admitted the concrete evidence that the anti-government protesters (like in Libya) used force right from the beginning, which has claimed the lives of many civilians and security forces. And people who know the Zionists’ agenda in the Muslim world, know who could be arming these thugs to destablize the Muslim world.

The western self-denying leaders are using their usual ‘human-right violation’ mantra against Syria while they keep duct-tape on their mouths when it comes to mass human right violation being carried out by the US and Israel on the daily basis.

Lavrov said that Moscow sees no grounds for any UN resolution on Syria, since the Syrian protesters were belligerent from the beginning of the unrest in March. He noted that Russia and more than half of the UN Security Council members opposed the draft statement condemning Syria. He also added that Russia will carefully examine any new proposals on interference in the internal affairs of any country, taking into account Libya’s regretful experience.

Syrian Interior Minister Adnan Hassan Mahmoud was quoted saying on Friday that the country’s army, police and security forces have been sent to pursue armed groups which have been killing citizens, terrorizing people, burning public and private properties, halting social and economic life, threatening schools and public security, and challenging the state authority. He also stated that Bashar government is planning to hold national dialogue within a few days to resolve genuine public grievances.

Aside from the rhetoric, threats and warnings coming from Sarkozy and Hillary Clinton – Professor Mark Almond (Bilkent University, Turkey), an international relations expert says that American and European has little liverage to influence Damascus. Furthermore, he believes that a democratic Syria would be very unfriendly toward Israel and the US.

The western illusion that democracy would be good for peace in Syria, good for peace in the region. I fear that the democratic Syria would make a much more difficult regional neighbor for Israel, for instance, and much more difficult for the West to refuse its demands, so it could be destabilizing, or there could be chaos, which could be even worse.”

Dr. Franklin Lamb, the director of ‘Americans Concerned for Middle East Peace’, on the other hand, believes that a democratic Syria would be good for the Muslim world especially Lebanon and Palestine.

I would argue we are just at the beginning of the great Islamic and Arab awakening of 2011 that would be felt throughout the Middle East and also in America and probably in Russia in one form or another. It’s difficult to predict where it will end.”

Last month, young Iranian journalist, Kourosh Ziabari, interviewed Dr. Franklin Lamb during which they discussed the recent developments in the Middle East including the Libya civil war, Bahrain massacre and Egypt’s revolution.

I believe the uprisings will continue during this historic Islamic and Arab Awakening and will not cease until those who are sacrificing their blood in these countries – achieve their common goals of dignity, human rights, and much more control over their lives and their country’s natural resources. This truly historic regional uprising will, in my view, also contribute critically to the liberation of Palestine and the end of the 19th Century Zionist colonial project. Resent reactions by Israeli leaders and some in Washington make plain that the Muslim and Arab world will not allow their regimes to continue to undermine the Palestinian cause by accepting Western aid and various American bribes to collaborate with the Zionist occupation in their midst.  Eventually the current uprising will replace perhaps as many as ten regimes and to its great credit, will count the implementation of UN Resolution 194 and the full and long overdue return of the Palestinian Refugees to their homeland“.


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