Obama shuffles cabinet for the Lobby

On Thursday, Obama administration got a facelift for Barack Obama’s bid for the second term in November 2012. It’s mainly to regain his lost popularity among the powerful 2% American Jewish minority. 

Obama has picked the CIA Director Leon Panetta to replace retiring Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, while Gen. David Petraeus, the top commander in Afghanistan, will leave the Army to lead the CIA by September 1, 2011. Marine Lt. Gen. John R. Allen will take over from Petraeus in Afghanistan this fall to work with a new US ambassador, Ryan Crocker, selected to replace the current ambassador, Kark Eikenberry.

The Israel-Firster Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) praised President Barack Obama’s selections.

Though all of them are known for their pro-Israel and anti-Muslim rants – General David Petraeus as CIA Boss is a very bad omen for the Muslim world. Petraeus has been a vocal military voice for blaming Islamic Republic for America’s defeats in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In April 2008, he told the US Senate that Iran was responsible fot the death of hundreds of US soldiers and thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians. For his propaganda lies for the benefit of Israel, Professor James Petras called Petraeus Zionism’s military poodle. Gen. David Petreaus’ grandparents were allegedly Dutch  Jewish. In fact Petreaus is a Jewish surname.

The former Congressman Leon E. Panetta was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff. He along with his wife founded the Leon and Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy, a neocon think tank based at California State University.

Marine Lt. Gen. John R. Allen is known for very close working relationship with Gen. Petreaus in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Professor Ryan Crocker is former ambassador to Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and Kuwait. After retirement in 2009 – Crocker joined the powerful Jewish think tank Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Having ‘good relations’ with the Israel Lobby, they’re expected to receive clean bill of health from the ‘Israel-First’ US Senate majority.

And finally, why Obama needs to remain in Jewish Lobby’s good book? Well the answer comes from an article by Pauline Dubkin Yearwood in The Chicago Jewish News, October 24, 2008. Pauline wrote that Jewish fear of Obama going against the interests of Israel is false and it’s being used as pressure tactics – as Obama’s political career was built by the Jews.

“Some of my earliest and most ardent supporters came from the Jewish community in Chicago,” Obama told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in 2004, just after his keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention had galvanized the party and made his name a household word overnight.


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