US-NATO vs China-Muslim World

Many Political and economic analysts have put the current Libyan invasion of Obama-Sarkozy-Cameron-NATO in context of the long running western battle to stop China gaining access to world’s natural oil, gas and mineral reserves, which so far have been considered a domain of the western colonial powers.

According to the Oil & Gas Journal, 70% of known oil and 49% of natural gas reserves plus 21% of world production of uranium happen to be within the Muslim-majority countries. With the exception of United States (its major supplier is South America), all major industrial powers depend on oil/gas import from Muslim countries.

China has successfully cultivated good trade relations with several Muslim countries for its viable global interests. Libya, Sudan, Iran and Pakistan top those China-friendly countries. All these four countries are known US-NATO targets, now and possibly in the near future.

In Libya, the Chinese investment in the oil/gas sector is less than half a billion dollars. The main exploiters are the US, British and Italy, such as, ENI (Italy), Occidental (USA), and Petro-Canada and BP, Hess, Marathon, Conoco-Phillips and Chevron-Texaco. William J. Hudson, acting deputy assistant secretary in the Bureau for Near Eastern Affairs, told Congress in 2009: “I’m happy to report that US oil companies are the most active there, and Libyans are eager to use their technology. The Chinese are participating, but our countries are taking the lead”.

By the end of 2010 – it’s reported that China has invested close to US$20 billion in Sudanese oil and gas exploration projects. That’s one of the reason other than Israel’s thirst for the Nile water, which played major part in the western plan to divide the largest Muslim country in Africa on ethnic basis. Muslims make 70% of Sudan’s total population as compare to 20% Aborginal and 5% Christians.

China’s largest foreign investment among its neighboring countries happens to be in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Some estimates put the figure at US$80 billion, mostly in oil and gas sectors. China itself is world’s fourth largest oil producing country but its national resources cannot cope with the country’s growth in population and energy consumption. In September 2010 – Senators Chuck Schumer and Senator Jon Kyl had complained to Hillary Clinton in a letter that  Chinese National Petroleum Co. (CNPC) along with two other Chinese companies, Sinopec and Zhuhai Zhenrong, have violated a new US law aimed at discouraging foreign investment in Iran.

In December 2010 – Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during his visit to Islamabad – had committed US$20 billion investment in Pakistan during the next three years. China has contributed to several large projects, from nuclear plant to Sea port facilities and highways.

Washington ignoring its own human rights abuses – have been very critical of human rights abuses by the Chinese government. Former US Senator Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) in an interview he gave to Iran’s Press TV, in January 2011, said: “A country that has bought into torture and unlimited detention, I don’t think the United States has a prayer of being able to offer its advice on the subject of human rights to anybody in the world”.

Last week, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of US Treasury, in an interview with Press TV, said:”First of all, notice that the protests in Libya are different from the ones in Egypt or Yemen or Bahrain or Tunisia and the difference is that this is an armed rebellion. There are more differences: another is that these protests originated in the eastern part of Libya where the oil is – they did not originate in the capital cities. And we have heard from the beginning, credible reports that the CIA is involved in the protests and there have been a large number of press reports that the CIA has sent back to Libya its Libyan asset to head up the Libyan rebellion”.

“In my opinion, what this is about is to eliminate China from the Mediterranean. China has extensive energy investments and construction investments in Libya. They are looking to Africa as a future energy source. The US is countering this by organizing the United States African Command (USAC), which Qaddafi refused to join. So that’s the second reason for the Americans to want Qaddafi out. And the third reason is that Libya controls part of the Mediterranean coast (Israel’s only safe trade route to the world) and it’s not in American hands,” Roberts added.


2 responses to “US-NATO vs China-Muslim World

  1. An excellent analysis of the situation, Rehmat.

    I would like to add that besides hindering CHINA to do more business in AFRICA, the ongoing wars waged by WESTERN FOURTH REICH against LIBYA and IVORY COAST are also about dominance of AFRICOM in AFRICA.

    LIBYA and IVORY COAST are/were among the last 5 African countries that had not been subdued yet and not integrated in AFRICOM, the other three being ERITREA, SUDAN, ZIMBABWE.

    With IVORY COAST gone, and the western puppet OUTTARA installed, AFRICOM has won one more of the last independent African countries.

    We know what will happen if LIBYA falls into the predators’ hands. So please, dear Brother Leader Mouammar Gaddafi, hold out. Keep strong. You must win this war. AFRICAN FREEDOM AND UNITY is at stake.

  2. Rehmat and others, kindly visit ASAP my Page (I posted the Link above/or in my previous post here) at (Google joe jussac, jr. and/or tjoaginsing, where u will ASAP find my latest post on WHY the WESTERN evil Coalition Power r so determined to CRUSH Colonel Ghaddafi/Libya.

    Gold Dinar is the root cause, Col. Ghaddafi was promoting it along with then Malaysian P.M. Dr. Mahatir Mohammad, Indonesia joined in later….

    The GOLD DINAR will make, insha Allah soon, the Western monetary system which is RIBA (usury, that Jews vis-a-vis Jews themselves will NOT practice/use!) and HIT Reload on ur browser for latest posts of min in my Page

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