Theodorakis: ‘I am anti-Zionist’

The world famous Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, known as a ‘Man of Peace’ in Greece – has got into trouble with the Jewish Zionist tribe, again. February 2011, in an interview on Greece’s High channel, Mikis had criticized Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou for meeting with his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, who the composer says is a persona non-grata in Greece due to his “war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza.”

Mikis Theodorakis (born 1925), is considered a hero in Greece. He wrote the music for the film “Zorba the Greek”. He claimed in the interview that “everything (bad) that happens today in the world has to do with the Zionists.” He added that “American Jews are behind the world economic crisis that has hit Greece also.”

In 2003, Mikis Theodorakis had blasted Jews for American support to Ariel Sharon’s Zionazi policies against Arabs and had declared: “Jews are at the root of all evil”. The US Ambassador Thomas Miller had to step in to rescue the Jewish Lobby by saying: ”It is sad and regrettable for a man of such a stature to make such comments. I believe it is sad when anybody, to whatever ethnic group he may belong to, defames. I am amazed with these remarks. This is not the world I am living in. You do not like the policy of a country? That’s fine that’s democracy. But when you do not like policies and you begin to state this with ethnic terms this is sad and regrettable to me.”

Thomas Miller (born 1948) is a recipient of 2003 Frizis Award (named after Jewish Greek Colonel Mordechai Frizis). Currently, he is director of ‘Independent Diplomat’ – a Zionist think tank, most of whose directors are members of powerful Jewish (70%) think tank ‘Council on Foreign affairs (CFR)’.

Mikis Theodorakis has been member of Greek Communist Party for the last 60 years. His recent remarks came ahead of the Jewish conference in Athens by the Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Mikis warned his fellow Greek: “We are in danger. In a few days the Zionists will gather in Greece for a conference”.

The Jews make 100,000 of Greece’s population. They have over one dozen Synagogues and a Holocaust Museum too. Contrary to that Muslims who ruled Greece (1500-1821) and has a population of 310,000 – has no official mosque in Athens, making Greece the only European nation without a praying building for its largest religious minority


One response to “Theodorakis: ‘I am anti-Zionist’

  1. – Hear hear! Yes, Theodorakis is of course right with his observations and with his statement… ALMOST RIGHT, that is. It is with his intermingling of the terms Zionist and Jew that he goes absolutely wrong… dead wrong.
    – The Zionist are not the Jews of the Bible.The Zionists call themselves Jews… but genetically they are NOT Hebrews. The Rothschilds and their clan… Hertzel… Marx… Lenin… Stalin etc. are (were) all Khazars, just like all leaders of Zionist state of Israel have been, and are, of Khazar descent.
    – The statement, “Jews are at the root of all evil”, is hence a horrendous misquotation. Correctly that statement must read, “ZIONISTS are at the root of all evil.”
    – And, if the Christians could be brought to understand that the Zionists have stolen the identity of the Jews of the Bible, they might indeed not remain such politically blindfolded supporters and friends of Israel.
    – Hence, whenever I see such intermingling of the terms Zionist and Jew, I ask myself, “Is the writer just plain ignorant, or is he (or she) writing in support of the Zionist movement?) (The Zionists are after all very clever at deceit, and in making and controlling their own enemies… “By way of deceit, thou shalt make war.” ;-))

    (And, by the way, sir, you are also frequently intermingling the terms “Zionist” and “Jew”. Why is that?)

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