Election 2012: ‘Jewish gay for President’

Last month, Fred Karger 61, the openly Republican Jewish gay politician – announced his candidacy for the 2012 Presidential election. He is the first person to file his papers with the Federal Election Commission. Watch video below.

Fred’s announcement, though, irked the Christian fundo and Evangelic community – but he is fully supported by the large gay and lesbian community (over 28 million in the US) and many Jewish communities. He got a spot on CBS News, The Washington Post and Jewish Tablet magazine has called him “Elder Statesman“.

ย “I want to be a different kind of Republican. The kind of Republican I grew up with. I consider myself to be Progressive. The last Progressive Republican president was over 100 years ago; Theodore Roosevelt,” Fred told Nancy Cordes of CBS. When asked about his opinion of Ben-Obama, he said: “The guy’s been a disappointment. He’s not a happy guy, he needs Zoloft. He’s just not optimistic.”

Karger appears in “McMillan & Wife” opposite Rock Hudson in 1974.

After 30 year, Fred retired from politics in 2004 and became LGBTQ activist. In Summer 2008 – he clashed with Mormon Church’s anti-same-sex marriage policy. According to Fred, 19 countries have death penality for gays and lesbians, however, Israeli hasbara usually mentions seven Muslim countries; Nigeria, Sudan, UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania and Yemen, which is as big a lie as God promised Palestine to Jews. In fact, Simon Jones, a ‘self-hating’ Jewish gay blogger has totally different view of gays in Muslim societies. On November 22, 2005, Simon Jones in an article entitled Odd man out – assimilation vs separation, wrote:

“I approve of the way gays are integrated traditionally in Muslim society – do your civil duty (marry, have a couple of kids, assimilate, or become a mystic or scholar if str8 sex is just too much) and abstain from or carefully practice MSM discretely without disrupting the fabric of social life. Of course there are abuses, but a society which is built on peace, spirituality, and social responsibility will find that such abuses are minimal. Islam is fundamentally based on self-restraint – the purpose of the regular prayers and the impressive month of fasting each year is to strengthen one’s self-control. This aspect of Christianity has been destroyed by the West’s embrace of consumerism. It seems the war against Islam today intends to destroy this very resistance of Islam to western decadence, epitomized by gaylib”.


3 responses to “Election 2012: ‘Jewish gay for President’

  1. – With reference to the Torah, “You shall not lie with a man as in lying with a woman.” (Lev. 18: 22 and 20: 13) for Fred Karger to be presented as a Republican Jewish gay politician is of course a gross misnomer. Karger is a ZIONIST GAY POLITICIAN, lobbying for support from the gay community and the Zionist supporters of all religiosity.
    – As for the steadily groeing western decadence though, destruction of moral principles, advocating gaylib and promiscuity, the Zionist controlled mass media has not only contributed immensely, but is indeed THE driving force behind an overall destruction of cultures and values.

  2. – And, yes, let me also add, that I find Fred Karger’s promotion of his “Sodom & Gomorrah” in the embedded video, both sickly exhibitionistic and expedient… despite the fact that I am an old rather promiscuous Norwegian atheist myself. ๐Ÿ™‚
    – Homosexuality, whatever it’s cause, is by no means unique to man in our worlds fauna, but to promote it as something else than an unfortunate failure in nature’s delicate hormonal balance?
    – Hmmm… well… I am of the firm opinion that people ought to be free to engage in whatever sex life they fancy, as long as they stay away from pedophilia and rape, but the euphorically announcements of ones inclination like Karger displays in his video? Why doesn’t Karger also include Zoophilia with same enthusiasm in his video? He would certainly be able to grab a few votes in that sector as well! ๐Ÿ˜‰ How about a Karger bumper sticker: “Why just the neighbor?… hump his dog as well!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Such as this leaves a trail of slime behind each step;
    like 8,000 Rabbi’s charged with child molestation.
    This should have been all over the news.

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