Tel Aviv-Riyadh: ‘How to counter Iran as regional power?’

While the world mainstream media is focussed on the current US-France-UK carpet-bombing to achieve regime-change in Libya – Israel, Saudi Arabia, the US and their top agent, former prime minister Sa’ad Hariri are laying ground-work for a regime-change in Syria, if necessary, by US coalition forces in future.

Last month, Benji Netanyahu, Saudi FM Saud al-Faysal and the West Bank ruler Mahmoud Abbas were all in Moscow to meet Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (a Crypto-Jew). According to Israel daily Yediot Aharonot, the three not only warned Medvedev of Islamic Iran as an emerging regional power – but also held a secret meeting to come up with a common plan to fight Tehran’s rising influence in Iraq, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Labanon and Gaza Strip.

All three leaders agrees that if the on-going democracy movements succeed in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Muslim world – Tehran, most probably, will come out as the winner.

Israel on its part – doesn’t want a regime-changes in Libya or Syria. It wants them to remain in turmoil and militarily weak. While Tel Aviv supports Bashar al-Assad – it has protested Moscow’s sale of two surface-to-air rocket units armed with P-800, or ‘Yakhont’, missiles to Damascus in a deal worth 300 million dollars – citing the usual lame excuse, “it may fall in the hands of Hizbullah” in neighboring Lebanon.

Lebanon’s daily Al-Safir, on March 29, 2011 had reported that Syria sent a harsh message to the main political stream in the new Lebanese opposition Al-Mustaqbal, headed by former prime minister Sa’ad Hariri, saying that it had information on the involvement of Lebanese elements in the unrest in Der’a and Latakiya, and clarified that it would take a serious view of any harm to Syrian security. However, Al-Mustaqbal secretary-general Ahmad Al-Hariri claimed that Syrian TV’s claim harms Lebanon and said his group not be linked to events in Syria. He said that as far as Al-Mustaqbal was concerned, Syria’s and Lebanon’s stability were one and the same.

Several Arab experts believe that Sa’ad Hariri’s slogan “The toppling of the arms of the resistance”, a few months ago – was coined by Washington and Tel Aviv for a plan for regime-change in Damascus.

Zionist-regime is playing its usual ‘Islamophobia’ card for local and foreign consumption. It prefers Bashar al-Assad due to the fear that in the events of his fall, like in Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia, the pro-Iran Islamic groups may become political ‘king-makers’. Even if that doesn’t happen – the next regime may not be able to maintain peace along Syrian-Israeli border and be more supportive of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah for its greater national interests.

We are seeing the replay of the good-old Jewish Lobby tricks which it applied in 1930s to lure Americans into the WW II against Germany.


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