French Muslim Revolution: ‘Made in USA’

When US globalists (aka Zionists) pose as friends of Muslims, the latter should sup with the Great Shaitan with an exceedingly long spoon,” Dr. K.R. Bolton.

Recently I noticed two articles by Dr. K.R. Bolton. One is entitled The Rivkin Project while the other is titled The Red Face of Israel. Incidently, both articles were published by Jeremy R. Hammond’s FPJ, who on august 20, 2009, honored my blog by calling it Rehmat’s Delusional World. I have to admit that I read ‘The Rivkin Project’ at the Counter-Current Publishing, where I left my comments and not at FPJ

Dr. K.R. Bolton (no relation to Zionist John Bolton, former USrael ambassador at United Nations, I hope) is a Fellow at the Athens-based Academy of Social and Political Research.

This post addresses the ‘Rivkin Project’, which is named after Ben-Obama’s Zionist Ambassador to Paris, Charles Rivkin. Rivkin is member of the Pacific Council on International Policy (PCIP) founded in 1995. It is a regional arm of the powerful Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Charles Rivkin is trying to cash on the French historical hatred of Muslims, which goes back to the Battle of Poitiers (732 CE). Moorish Muslims after consolidating their control of Spain which they had invaded in 711 CE under the command of Tariq bin Ziyad (Gibraltar, ‘Jabal al-Tariq’ in Arabic was Muslim army’s landing point in Europe). Frankish rulers later lead West’s eight Christian Holy Wars (1096 – 1270 CE) against the Muslim world around Palestine. In 1798 CE, Napoleon occupied Egypt followed by French occupation of Ageria (1834), Tunisia (1881) and Morocco (1901). While exploiting natural resources of the occupied Muslim countries, the French brought bright Muslims from those countries to educate and train them to act as ‘French poodles’ on return to their native lands. The not so bright were brought as ‘immigrants’ to provide cheap labor in France.

In 1905, Islam was officially recognized as one of French minority religions. France is home to the largest Muslim population in Europe. Currently, one out of every six French, is a Muslim. However, there is no Muslim representation in the Parliament or city mayrol level.

Dr. K.R. Bolton’s story begins when Charless Rivkin hosted a two-day conference of 29-Islamophobes from PCIP in October 2010 – to discuss ‘the issues’ faced by the Muslim youth in France. “The meeting was part of a far-reaching subversive agenda to transform that entire character of France and in particular the consciousness of French youth, which includes the use of France’s Muslim youth in a typically manipulative globalist strategy behind the usual façade of “human rights” and “equality”,” commented Dr. Bolton.

In 2005, when French youth rioted to show their anger at high unemployment and poverty – Sarkozy, then interior minister, blamed Muslim youth for stirring-up the riots and applied extreme police force to combat the rioters.

Dr. Bolton further wrote: “The USA has long played a duplicitous game of “fighting terrorism” of an “Islamic” nature as one of the primary elements of its post-Cold War stratagem of manufactured permanent crises, while using “radical Islam” for it own purposes, the well-known examples being: (1) supporting Bin Laden in the war against Russia in Afghanistan; (2) backing Saddam Hussein in the war against Iran; (3) supporting the Kosovo Liberation Army in ousting the Serbs from mineral-rich Kosovo, the KLA having been miraculously transformed from being listed by the US State Department as a “terrorist organization,” to becoming “freedom fighters.”

Dr. Bolton summed-up his long article by saying: “The Rivkin doctrine for France – which according to the leaked document, must be carried out in a subtle manner – is a far-reaching subversive program to transform especially the young into global clones devoid of cultural identity, while proceeding, in the manner of Orwellian “doublethink” in the name of “multiculturalism.”

France is also home to Europe’s largest Jewish population (600,000). However, its control over French politic, press, Campuses and banking is enormous. In 1990s, French philosopher, author and lawmaker, Roger Garaudy was fined $40,000 on February 28, 1997 for his book ‘The Founding Myths of Modern Israel’ – which French Jewish Lobby claimed to be ‘anti-Semitic’. Watch a video below.

In addition to French President Sarkozy being a ‘Crypto-Jew’ himself, his ‘Israel-First’ cabinet ministers included Michèle Alliot-Marie and Bernard Kouchner. According to French source around 70 percent of Jewish and pro-Jewish Lebanese “Frenchmen” voted for Sarkozy. Interestingly, Lebanese Islamic Resistance, Hizbullah, recognize Sarkozy as an Israeli citizen and not a French citizen.


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