Poll: ‘European hatred toward Israel, Jews and Muslims is up’

Interestingly, while the Zionists mafia has succeeded in creating Islamophobia in Europe by spending millions of dollars each year – ranging from Jewish Flemming Rose’s anti-Islam Danish Cartoons to Zionist Christian Dutch MP Geert Wilder’s anti-Islam movie Fitna, and from Israel’s 9/11 to IRA terrorism supporter Zionist Christian Rep. Peter King’s anti-Muslim hearing – it has failed to curb hatred toward Israel and centuries-old hatred of Jews among the vast majority of White Europeans.

A recent syrvey conducted among eight European Union (EU) nations by Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, a prestigious Berlin-based think tank, associated with German Opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP), have found that 72.2% of Polish people believe that “Jews try to take advantage of having been victims during the Nazi era”. 68.1% Hungarians and 49.8% German participants agreed with Polish view.

When asked if “Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians“, 63% Polish agreed with the statement while in Germany 47.7% expressed agreement.

The study – “Intolerance, Prejudice, Discrimination: A European Report” –questioned roughly 1,000 people in Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and France. Interestingly, all these countries are ruled by Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOGs).

The results show a little increase in European hatred toward Israel and Jews since 2009 study by the German University of Bielefeld in which 72% of the Polish expressed similar hatred toward Jews.

A very disturbed President of European Jewish Congress (EJC), Dr. Moshe Kantor, demanded that “the governments of Europe, and the European Union, have to wake up to this before it is too late”.

The study also highlighted the Europeans’ views of Islam and Muslims (maximem) – 60.8% of Hungarians believe their are “too many Muslims in Hungary” (Ottoman ruled Hungary from 1529-1683 and account for 0.5% of the current total population of 10 million); 60.3% of Polish (with 2% of Muslim population) believe that Muslims are “too demanding” while 62.2% of Polish believe that Islam is religion of intolerance.

I can understand Polish Islamophobia (bloody wars in 1672-76 between Turkey and Poland) but what turned Polish people against Jews. Here is how the Russian-Israeli writer, Israel Shamir explained it: ” But the connection between the new Crusaders of Mammon and Polish history goes even deeper: On the Eastern lands colonised by Poland of old, the economic power eventually passed over to the Jews, though the Polish magnates commanded troops, kept their luxurious palaces and enforced debt collection. Now this function has been inherited by the Judeo-American Empire, this combination of the Polish Magnate and the Jew magnified by a factor of a million. They ensnare nations into debt servitude via the IMF and the World Bank, extort money, enforce loans, spread drugs and pornography, instead of running a relatively innocent pawnshop and farming taxes. If in the Middle Ages the Polish soldiers enforced the Jewish debt collection, now they enforce the Mammonite agenda in Iraq”.


8 responses to “Poll: ‘European hatred toward Israel, Jews and Muslims is up’

  1. A most interesting article indeed, but I am a bit surprised (pleasantly so) of the figures pertaining to Germany.
    This for two reasons: Firstly, the fact that the Germans are subject to an enormous year-in-year-out pro Zionist indoctrination through the mass media and by their politicians. Secondly, the fact that the Germans by and large are afraid of uttering anything which could even remotely be labeled as anti Jewish. Hence there is ample reason to assume that the actual figures for Germany are quite a bit higher than those shown. (I have a home there. 😉 )
    As for European views on Islam and Muslims… hmmm… well, “radical” members among the Muslim immigrant population, will always begin to agitate for Shariah to be implemented in the country which have given them a safe heaven from whatever they they have left their place of birth for.
    I have observed that happening numerous times, and, I’m sorry to say to Muslims who are unable or unwilling to respect local rules, culture and law,
    -“Take your Sharia and shove it!… move your ass back to where you came from!… this is my home… respect my rules… or get the heck out of here!”
    I have lived many places around in the world in my long life, but always according to the simple rule; when in Rome, do as the Romans do. 😉 But let me hastily add, that as an atheist, I found it close to impossible to survive in the US of A. Worth pondering over!

  2. Here are some figures for you to find out who should “shove Shari’ah” to whom.

    In France there are between 8-10 million Muslims and more than half of them are third-to-sixth generation Muslims or White converts.

    In Germany, the Muslim conversion is the highest among the EU countries. Between 2004-05, 4,000 conversion took placed, mostly among women. Most of the German converts happen to be university graduates, doctors, scientists and diplomats. Dr. Murad Hoffman, former director of information NATO and Professor Muhammad Sven Kalisch are two of those converts. It’s not the Sharia’h or the immigration as a cheap source of working-class which scare the hell out of the White bigots – but the great rise in conversion among the White Europeans. And that’s being exploited by the Zionist Jewish mafia. First in Europe was “Turks are coming” and now it’s “Muslims are coming”.

    If the White Judeo-Christian societies can provide a good moral and family life – they would not lose White-folks to Islam. The original Muslims came to Europe as conquerers and rulers. They ruled Spain for over 850 years and helped Europe to come out of its Dark Age. Ottoman dynasty ruled more than 40% of Europe. It’s only the European colonization of the Muslim world after the 19th century – Muslims began immigrating to the western countries because their resources were looted by the colonists to develope European countries.


    • – You seem to miss the point I am trying to make, which probably indicates that I have expressed myself ambiguously.
      – I’m firmly devoted to the philosophical doctrine of pluralism. Hence my standpoint is, that people may believe in whatever supernatural power or powers they may, as long as they, alone or as a group, keep their believes for themselves, without pushing their “ism” on others. That is not bigotry, sir, but plain pluralism. 😉
      – Religion has always been used by despots in their quest for power, and preachers of all religions have always more than happily played along as willing conscripts in their own quest for power.
      – As for people in Europe converting from Christianity to Islam, I can confirm that from my own observations, and indeed understand it happening. The overall support of Israel by both the Protestant and the Catholic church, together with a large discrepancy between teaching and action by the church, are sound reasons to turn a back to Christianity. However, many more than those who convert to Islam, turn away from religion all together though, but for the very same reason.
      – As for the term “Zionist Jew”… hmmm… I do not approve of that term. It makes it sound as if Zionism is a religion rather than a despotic movement which has stolen and uses the Jewish religion, and the power of their fiat moneys to the fullest extent, in their quest for total world dominance. The Zionists use the racist Jewish doctrines, but they are, in my opinion, not Jews.
      – As for the withering morality in the western world, you are of course absolutely right. The Zionist owners of the mass media have had an enormous success with their deliberate deterioration of our moral standards. From that point of view I can also understand Christians who convert.

  3. What are the racist Jewish doctrines that Zionists use? In what way is Zionism a despotic movement which has stolen and uses the Jewish religion?

  4. I will leave it to late Israeli historian, Professor Israel Shahak, to answer your questions:


    • Thanks but since you’ve read Shahak’s book, I would prefer that you answer my questions rather than provide a lengthy book that I must read. Shahak is apparently a critic of the Talmud, as am I. I am somewhat familiar with Jewish critics of Israel, Judaism and Zionism; critics like Professor Shahak, Professors Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, etc. No people or religious tradition is perfect – are Christian and Islamic history perfect? – but I think Israel’s cause is a just cause. Zionism is simply the view that the land of Israel (ancient and modern) is the Jewish people’s national homeland. It is no more complicated than that. Like the United States, Israel took possession of her land by means of wars. Unlike the white Europeans (north America) Israel’s Jews have a historic connection to this land. Unlike America, Israel’s wars were defensive, not offensive as were America’s wars of conquest.

    • Your questions have already received ample attention by “rehmat1”, but the reality is, I think, that you are not seeking any answers at all. 😉 This as you evidently have something against reading. (ref yr April 30.2011 at 6:21 pm )

      However, as for racism, reading the “Exodus” will provide you with horrifying answers and much food for thoughts on that subject.

      As for Zionism, studying the source of finance for Herzl, Marx, Lenin, Hitler, wars -past and present- … the history of fiat money… and by all means, read with all the objectivity you can muster, the “Protocols”… they describe the tragic world development over the last hundred years, and about what is to come. A frightening document indeed.

      But of course, if you have, as you indicate, something against reading yourself up on these matters, it is both ridiculous and ignorant to ask questions, which all have answers at the tip of your fingers. 😉

  5. The reason I did not post my personal response to your questions, because it will never be acceptable to a brainwashed Zionist propagandist. But, I am also not surprised that you did not like to accept answers from yur fellow Jews who, I bet, was more learned about Jewish religion, history and evil Zionism.

    Israel shahak was an Israeli Jew. Finkelstein and Chomsky are both American-born Jews. Both are academic of high calibre – but of totally different morals. Both are not ‘self-hating’ Jews and believe that it’s kosher for the European Jewish terrorists to steal land and properties from the native Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

    If you believe that Palestine belongs to the Jews who have not lived there for the last 2500 years – then the American Natives have more rights to ask for the return of Americana – looted from them only 500 years ago by the European Christian and Jew invaders.

    The ancestors of the modern Jews never lived in Palestine. Their homelands were Asiatic Khazaristan or North African Berber land.

    Islamic history is more perfect than Christian history when it comes to its treatment of Jewish communities. While Jewish communities were expelled from every European Christian country, the Jews took refuge in Muslim countries. Even a Muslim-hating Jewish Orientalist, Dr. Bernard Lewis could not avoid admitting: “Muslim Spain provided the Golden Age for the Jews”.

    Well, based on tour logic – a Jewish rapist can also claim that he raped his victim because she was created to serve the Jews or a Jewish thief can claim that he robbed the bank because he could not resist money.

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