Mark Dankof: ‘US is in Bahrain for Israel’

“The recent spread of revolutionary fervor throughout the Middle East, chiefly aimed at sleazy regimes in league with Israel and its Neo-Conservative agents for war in the American National Security Establishment, now combines with flagging domestic American political support for the War for Empire and Eretz Yisrael.  While these developments are essentially positive, they have ominously created a level of desperation among the denizens of the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) and its lapdogs in the American government and media, which may lead these servants of the Hidden Hand to a new and terrifying level of employment of the unthinkable to achieve their diabolical objectives,” wrote  Mark Dankof, former US Senate candidate.

In his recent interview with Iran’s Press TV, Mark Dankof said that Saudi ‘royals’ have sent their forces to combat the anti-Khalifa protests in Bahrain and supplied arms to anti-Qaddafi rebels in Libya on orders from Obama administration to protect Israeli interests in the region.

“I am part of the American Right in this country that has consistently opposed the type of foreign policy that the United States has been pursuing in the Middle East. Well does it relate to supporting the Zionist state, without question, as it also relates to supporting a series of regimes in that part of the world that clearly do not have popular support, and in the long run, it is simply going to take a foreign policy based in force for this whole status quo to continue,” said Dankof.

“There is only one problem. Aside from the immorality of this, the United States does not have enough men and enough money to continue this type of an imperial policy any more than their British predecessors did. And when we look at Robert Gates’ history as his superior at the CIA, Ray McGovern, said about the nature of Gates’ relationship with Barack Obama, I think it is entirely reasonable to postulate that, in fact, there was an agreement between Gates and the Saudi regime that they would carry this out either at the behest of the United States or the bare minimum with a green light from the United States to proceed,” added Dankof.


2 responses to “Mark Dankof: ‘US is in Bahrain for Israel’

  1. “… the type of foreign policy that the United States has been pursuing in the Middle East”… “supporting the Zionist state, without question”… “Aside from the immorality of this, the United States does not have enough men and enough money to continue this type of an imperial policy…”
    – I cannot say which is true, Mr. Dankoff, but you are either deliberately trying to drag attention away from those who are running the US of A, Zionist Israel that is, or you simply hasn’t the brains to comprehend what is going on around you… hmmm.
    – Morality?; Zionist indoctrination has long time ago washed away whatever “morality” the Cristian world ever possessed.
    – And, as for “America doesn’t have the money”. What kind of crap statement is that? After 1913, the fiat dollar has been owned by the Zionists, Mr. Dankoff… they own America lock-stock-and-barrel! America is long time busted, and the EU is also virtually there! They own the EU as well, Mr. Dankoff… they have our politicians by the balls… they own the Euro!… they own and control us all! AND!… what part of the Arab world they don’t already have by the balls, they are about to grab
    – “By means of deception, thou shalt wage war” is their motto, Mr. Dankoff, and I know that you know that. Hence, I tend to believe that my first suspicion about the motive behind your writing is the correct one. 😉

  2. “They own the EU as well”

    In the UK, 80 % of the present Conservative government are members of ‘ Conservative Friends of Israel’., while it is alleged that in the Labour Opposition party you do not get into the upper hierarchy without being a member of ‘Labour Friends if Israel’

    They are strangling democracy with their single minded pursuit of one objective which is to suppress opposition to Israel’s intention to enlarge it’s territory.

    It will eventually backfire, as all concentration of wealth into the control of one group eventually does, and the result will be that people will turn on them and so the ‘persecution’ of 2000 years goes on.

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