American Muslims, terrorism and Israel Lobby

“Anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brothers,” Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama, January, 19, 2011. However, after being booted by the Jewish Lobby – Bentley apologized for his bigotry ahead of his scheduled meeting with Birmingham Jewish Federation. However, he has made it clear that he will work with the Jewish lobby groups like Center for Security Policy and others to get Islamic Sharia law banned in state courts. The author of the anti-Sharia bill, Republican State Senator Gerald Allen admits that he doesn’t know what Shariah means. He claims that the contents of the bill were lifted from (pro-Israel Jewish) Wikipedia.

Since the Israel’s 9/11 PR Project (watch a video below in which Jewish historian Dr. Alan Sabrosky claims “Israel Did It”) – the Muslim communities around the world have become the target of the Israel-First Jews and Christian. The current mass protests against the pro-West corrupt rulers in the Muslim world who were kept in power by the western powers to protect, directly or indirectly, the Zionist entity in the Middle East – has fueled this Muslim hatred in the West under the cover of religion, immigration, color of skin and the bogus ‘war on terror’.

There are over 50 Jewish and Zionist Christian organization and a great majority of Congress and Senate members busy in Islam-bashing. Some idiots like Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-NC), had stated last year that Hizbullah (leader of Lebanon’s Opposition Party in the Parliament) is already had got itself established along the Southwestern US border!

And how much these Islamophobes have American interests in their hearts – can be judged by the fact that more than 50% of the Senators are looking forward to attend Israel Lobby (AIPAC) foreign policy conference on May 22-24, 2011.

On the heel of the ‘Shariah scare’ comes galloping former Jewish Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff’s (a US-Israeli citizen whose last name means ‘of the Devil’ in Russian) Islamophobe-in-arm, Congressman Peter King (a former supporter of Catholic IRA terrorist group), the head of House Homeland Security Committe, is holding a congressional inquiry to prove that American Muslims are more radical than the Zionist Christians like him and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

John Feffer in his recent article, entitled US Islamophobia: Chicken a la King, wrote:

The average American hears the word sharia and thinks only of the stoning of adulterers. But sharia translates into, roughly, “rule of law” in the Muslim world. Sharia has a distinguished history with considerable appeal to those living in lawless societies: sharia promises “a just legal system, one that administers the law fairly – without bias, corruption by the rich, or government interference.” Given the proliferation of autocrats in the region – Mubarak, Ben Ali, Gaddafi – Sharia starts to look like a reasonable alternative.

Regardless of how Sharia is interpreted in the Muslim world, the notion that Sharia “threatens” the U.S. legal system is as ludicrous as the Cold War fantasies that communists were taking over the school system or poisoning the drinking water.

The man behind this extraordinary scam is Frank Gaffney, a right-winger so lunatic that he’s been banned from speaking at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). In addition to continuing to insist that President Obama is a Muslim, Gaffney has accused CPAC members Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan of ushering the Muslim Brotherhood into CPAC through the backdoor. 

Since 9/11, Peter King has become one of the lead propagators of Islamophobic myths. He has claimed that “85 percent” of mosques in America have radical leadership – an allegation reminiscent of Joe McCarthy’s imaginary list of 205 communists in the State Department.

Over the weekend, hundreds of people attended the “I Am a Muslim, Too” rally in Times Square in an attempt to force a cancellation of the hearings. Everyone from Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has tried to marginalize King.

Peter King is not entirely to blame, of course, for the resurgence of Islamophobia. Liberals have played a role, too. “The right-wing hardliners set the framework that Muslims are a backwards, evil, anti-American group, then the liberals say that some of the Muslims are nice, some of them don’t oppress their women,” explains Raed Jarrar in an interview with him and Niki Akhavan in the FPIF special focus on Islamophobia. “This is like one person saying, ’I think all black people are thieves’ and another person says ’I don’t believe that all black people are thieves.’ If you are using that as a reference point, then you are actually reaffirming the framework.”

Meanwhile, King asserts he will not back down. He affects a brave stance, just as he did when he supported the IRA in the 1980s and called Michael Jackson a “lowlife” after the pop star’s death in 2009. His hypocrisy on the issue of extremism and his obvious lack of cultural diplomacy skills should automatically disqualify him from holding a hearing on extremism in the Muslim American community.


One response to “American Muslims, terrorism and Israel Lobby

  1. – For me any dudes credibility ends abruptly the very moment he utters words like: “I believe God wants us to…” or drags one of the three monotheistic religions, or their prophets, into focus in connection with operations like 911 or any other, for the Zionist movement, convenient “terrorist” acts.
    – And, when a dude, who is PROUD of his service in Nam!, gibbers about the towers collapsing due to planes crashing into them… honestly!… scrap the feeble old demented fella. The crap about Muslims did it, or Israel did it, is likewise plain unintelligent BS.
    – It is BS created by those who arranged the marvelously precise demolition that took place. Those who harvest billions from the demolition operation thru military supply contracts and billions from the control over the huge oil resources in Iraq… not to mention the power such control holds .
    – And, yes, YES!… there are Zionists behind it all, and some of them definitely carry an Israeli passport, but Zionism is not identical with the Jewish faith! Zionism is not religion, and religion is plain BS talk in this connection. (“Thou shalt not inflict your religious crap upon others.” :-))
    – Zionism has nothing at all to do with religion beyond the fact that they USE religion… just like each and every lunatic leader up thru the ages have used religion in their quest for power. Sheer insanity for an old atheist like me, but for the heavily indoctrinated US population, even Bush’s nightly talks with their/his god was accepted with hallelujah! And they invaded Iraq. Indeed a most cunning, daring and successful Zionist operation.
    – And in its widest sense, no leader or organization have ever conducted such operations more ingenious and cunning than the “Rothschild Clan”, who today in reality owns the western world “lock-stock-and-barrel” and hold virtually all our politicians “by the balls”… and despite of this fact, it is as if they don’t exist! 😉

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