Islamic Republic Beyond Israeli Hasbara

The most important thing that I can convey about Iran in general – my most memorable reaction in retrospect – is this simple concept: Americans need to ignore anything and everything they hear about modern-day Iran, its leader, its culture, and its people from the mass media in America,” Michael Collins Piper, American author and correspondent for American Free Press, January 7, 2007.

In April 2007 – When the 15 detained British marines and sailors were released safely by the Islamic regime in Tehran – Israeli-born Jewish writer, bloger and jazz-player, Gilad Atzmon wrote:

The battle between Ahmadinejad and Blair is not a political or diplomatic one, it is not about points. It is actually a clash between civilizations, a fight between humanism and cold pragmatism. As it emerges, in this battle, it is Ahmadinejad rather than Blair who reminds us where goodness rests. Seemingly, a man who has been repeatedly presented by our deluded Western media as a ‘radical’, ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘Islamofascist’ has proved beyond doubt that it is actually him who knows what forgiveness and grace are all about, It was Ahmadinejad who has pardoned the enemy, it was Ahmadinejad that evoked some prospects of  a peaceful future“.

In September 2009 – famed American writer and blogger, John Kaminiski, wrote in The beautiful Iranians:

I wish we had a president as decent as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current and outspoken president of Iran. I mean, just compare the two men as human beings. Mr. Ahmadinejad seems like a decent guy from the neighborhood, trying to tell the truth while being trampled by the demonic Jewish spin machine. And here is George W. Bush (interchangeable with Barack Obama, as have been all American presidents since U.S. Grant), revealing himself to the world as a lying, pathological killer. Hey, which one would you choose?”

Recently, the young Iranian author and writer, Kourosh Ziabari, interviewed the so-called ‘Holocaust denier’, Australian-German philosopher, Dr. Fredrick Toben, who said: “The only freedom we have in the West is the freedom to go shopping“.

Since 1999, Dr. Toben has visited Islamic Republic several times for his research work. Below is a summary of Dr. Toben’s interview:

Watching Iranian politics of the past decade, I would think the Persians invented the chess game, something forgotten by the USA that attempts to stop Iranian aspirations for nuclear energy – something that is a natural part of development from oil-based industry to nuclear-electromagnetic industry.

The Iranian people are idealists and this brings them closer to the German mindset that is also idealistic as opposed to the materialistic-based Anglo-American-Zionist international predatory financial mindset, which is currently driving world politics through incessant wars for material resources.

Iranians still operate on the generational imperative: if young people have personal problems, which is a normal part of growing up, they can consult with an uncle, an aunt, a cousin, a grandparent, etc. In the west they go to a psychiatrist or psychologist and pay a stranger money for listening to their problems.

Iranians should not worry about what others in the world think of them because that in some sense is a schoolboy reaction, as Arthur Schopenhauer stated: If an enemy criticizes me, I go and see my friends. Iranian politics does have friends and individual Iranians do have friends in the entire world.

When Iranians living abroad get older, they find the materialism superficial and not satisfying their spiritual needs that cannot be satisfied through consumer goods – and alcohol and other drugs can only block out this spiritual need. It is a problem in the west because the secular nature of the consumer society conflicts with Islam because this religion is a comprehensive religion offering a realistic and factual worldview that satisfies basic and spiritual needs.

The nuclear development issue is merely highlighting the western world’s hypocrisy in this matter, especially because the Zionist regime in Israel has a highly developed program of constructing especially mini-nuclear weapons that have been used in a number of ‘false-flag’ operations around the world.

Iran has been successful in its endeavors and now has also brought Turkey on-side, thereby swinging it away from Europe. But the largest problem is faced with the existence of the Zionist military state of Israel that seeks to dominate the Middle East without any dissent. Here Iran can make the Middle East a safe haven by working towards the dismantling of this racist state – and if it does not succeed, then the Middle East will be dominated by Jewish interests – and such interests are based on TALMUD values, and that is a horrifying prospect for all peoples.

Iranian diplomacy is delicate and so Iran has many friends in the world – more than Israel has!

Holy Qur’an can easily stand against the opinions expressed in psychology texts, hermeneutics, etc.


3 responses to “Islamic Republic Beyond Israeli Hasbara

  1. I have enjoyed finding orations given by Ahmadinejad online that are translated without the perfunctory Zionist spin.

    Something to consider, however, regarding the role played by the terrorist state Israel. This state is a symptom and not a cause. Does dismantling Israel liberate South America? Does it liberate Africa? Does it liberate Europe or the United States? No.

    The Middle East will be dominated with, or without Israel. What must be dismantled is international riba.

    Also, I resent you calling me a bigot simply because I criticized your use of the enemy word “racist”. I do not think it is common for “racists” to digest material presented by authors from cultures as foreign as yours is to my own.

    Lastly, it is not racist for me to want to pack up the criminal Arabs and send them out of Europe, nor is it racist for me to want to pack up the criminal Mestizos in the US and send them home. Ahmadinejad, who we both respect, would not accept these criminals in his homeland – why should I in mine?

    God Bless

  2. You’re blinded by your own national or religious racism and using Dr. Ahmadinejad as a cover to justify your racism. Ahmadinejad have over two millions of Arabs and 30,000 of Jews in Iran and instead of kicking them out of the country – he welcome their representatives in the Majlis (Parliament).

    Dont’s you know Christ was also an Arab – but the great majority of Westerners like to be called his followers.

    Historically, western racism is a product of their Roman pagan culture. Arabs used to be racist like the westerners before they adopted Islam.

    I hate to burst your baloon of ignorance in case of western dominance in the Middle East. Was not the Arabs and Turks who ruled a great part of Europe between 711-1760 CE, where is that Muslim dominance now! Was not Arab world colonized by the British, French and Dutch for over 150 years – where is that now! Israel is nothing but the remaining western colonial cancer in the Middle East and as late professor Edward Said (an US Christian) had predicted: “If the US stop its aid to Israel for just a few years, Israel will die by itself”.

    Any other wise cracks?

  3. – When Dr. Toben says, -“But the largest problem is faced with the existence of the Zionist military state of Israel that seeks to dominate the Middle East without any dissent,” he is pointing at one of the masks used by the real “problem” on hand.
    – The real “problem” is found behind the masks, but for some odd reason avoided to be mentioned by most writers; the Rothschild & Co… the Zionist Clan… the owners of the money… the bangsters, who produce money out of thin air… a right given to them by utterly corrupt politicians in both the US and the EU.

    It is “money” that rules the world, NOT politicians. Or, more correctly, the world is ruled by Messrs. Rothschild & Co, who control and issues the money.

    – The overwhelming majority of leaders in the industrial world, both political and commercial, are preselected by the “money printers” – Rothschild & Co – , and they are all eager and willing conscripts and masks for them.
    – Obama, Harper, Merkel, Cameron, Sarkozy, Zapatero… you name them; they are all hand picked “Rothschild”-masks! Even their creation “Zionism” and the concept “Jew” are “Rothschild”-masks. (Just have a look at the actions by the Zionists during WWI and WWII… wars which they indeed themselves created as ventures on their quest towards their absolute world control.)
    – A statement like: “If the US stop its aid to Israel for just a few years, Israel will die by itself”, is hence totally absurd. The US is under total control by the founders of Israel, Messrs. Rothschild… and so is the EU.

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