Wikipedia: ‘Rajshekar is India’s Ahmadinejad’

Fortunately, the USA – the new fatherland of the Jews of India – is dying, being killed by their own Jewish blood brothers,” V.T. Rajshekar.

Dr. V.T. Rajshekar (born 1932) is a welknown journalist and author. He belongs to the ‘untouchable’ Hindu Dalit caste (popl. 220 million) and is founder-editor of fortnightly Dalit Voice. Rajshekar rubbed Hindutva noses way back claiming: Jinnah wanted to save the Dalits – Gandhi enslaved them‘.

At home, Dr. Rajshekar has been very critical of the upper-caste Hindus for their racism against Dalit Hindus and government discrimination against Dalits and other non-Hindu minorities (Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, etc.). On international level, Rajshekar has openly criticized Zionist Jews and Israel. Rajshekar had called “Brahmins (upper-caste Hindus) Jews of India”, based on their common ideology of racism, monopoly in politics and banking. Rajshekar also wrote in favor of Turkish people’s rejection of Kemalist ideology and Palestinians choosing Hamas to fight for their rights.

“A Jew is one who was born a Jew. There is no conversion to the Jewish religion. A Brahmin is one who is born a Brahmin. They are as bad as the Jews. The Jews and Brahmins have joined hands in a big way in the USA, England and Europe,” wrote Rajshekar.

Rajshekar also has accused Indian Jews of joining hands with Hindu extremists (Hindutva) to crush Muslims, blacks and Dalits. He also believes that 9/11 was “a total falsehood manufactured by the Zionists controlling the Bush administration”.

Rajshekar’s moral conscience has made Wikipedia, an Jewish-Israeli disinformation project, very very mad. In its biography of Rajshekar, Wikipedia spits venom, by calling him ‘anti-Semite’ and a ‘Holocaust denier like Ahmadinejad’.

Islam totally rejects caste system and racism – based on birth, color, nationality, gender and faith. “No Arab has any superiority over a non-Arab, nor a non-Arab have any superiority over a Black man, or the Black man any superiority over the White man. You’re all the children of Adam, and Adam was created from clay,” saying of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


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