J-Street and the changing Middle East

Israel’s latest Jewish lobby group, J-Street, held its second annual conference  in Washington DC through February 26 to March 1, 2011. It was attended by 2400 people. The speakers included Rabbi David Saperstein, Jeremy Ben-Ami, J-Street President, Peter Beinart, author and journalist, Sarah Benninga, an Israeli activist, Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, Canadian doctor whose three daughters were killed by Israeli missile inside his house in Gaza in Decemcer 2008, Mona Eltahawy, US-Egyptian journalist, Ron Pundak, Robert Serry, Islamophobe Dennis Ross, and five members of Knesset (pity Hillary Clinton missed the spotlight!).

The only difference between J Street and other Israel lobbying groups (AIPAC, ADL, AJC, etc.) is that it supports Zionist colonial agenda under the ‘Gandhian mask’. It wants Washington to make Hamas, Hizb’Allah and Islamic Iran accept Zionist occupation of an Arab land – not by armed conflict but by negotiations.

J Street’s hypocrisy was well exposed by Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of Union for Reform Judaism for J Street’s support of Israel during Israel’s 22-day massacre in Gazzah (Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009): “It was morally deficient, profoundly out of touch with Jewish sentiments and also appallingly naive”.

Dennis Ross dedicated most part of his address parroting Israeli hasbara lies about Hamas, Hizbullah and the Islamic Republic. “Hamas and Hezbollah had fewer rockets with shorter ranges just a few years ago; no doubt a few years from now, their arsenals will be even more dangerous and deadly if left unchecked.  ……… Many of you probably noticed that the Iranian regime has tried to claim credit for the events in Egypt, but we know two things:  first, that their claims fell on deaf ears in Egypt where a nation rose up seeking only to improve their own lives under national – not sectarian – ideals; and second, Iran’s claims fell on deaf ears to many Iranians who once again took to the streets this week in an open act of defiance against their government.  Indeed, Iran has only exposed its own hypocrisy,” Dennis Ross ranted.

Mona Eltahawy, a secularist and feminists who believes that religion and politics should be kept apart (a philosophy not only against Islamic Shari’ah but also Biblical tradition; prophets David, Solomon and Joseph were all kings and politicians) debunked Zionists’ fear of Egypt and Tunis becoming ‘theocracies’ like the Islamic Iran. However, she did caution the audience that no matter what kind of new governments emerge out of the current anti-government demonstrations – the anti-Israel views of the great majority of Arabs (secularists, communists, Christians or Muslim), are not going to change unless the Zionist regime start treating Palestinians with dignity and equal rights.

Mona based on her interviews during the protests in Tunisia and Egypt said that Egypt will not abandon the Camp David peace accord with Israel (Dr. Ayman Nur, the secular leader of the Opposition Tomorrow Party had said in February: “The Camp David accord is over”.), because the youth are more concerned about economic and human-rights conditions in their country. In Tunis, she said, the communist party leaders told her that though they like western secular traditions, but they will never stop supporting the Palestinian cause. On the other hand, she said that the Tunisian Islamist leaders told her that they will accept whatever the Palestinian accept for themselves (listen to her in the video below).


One response to “J-Street and the changing Middle East

  1. “… unless the Zionist start treating Palestinians with dignity and equal rights.”
    Yes… yes… yes…. that is of course a wording for the core of the issue, but the ZIONIST state of Israel will never ever change it’s now three quarter of a century grotesque genocide against the Palestinian people. Never! And, with the fact that they own our money, control our economy, hold the vast majority of US and EU politicians by the balls, who on earth is there to stop them? Who? How?

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