Washington cannot say ‘NO’ to Jewish Lobby

When you read American political system from objective sources, you discover that the Jewish lobby groups have major influence in shaping America’s foreign policy. Last year, Hollywood filmmaker, Oliver Stone, in an interview with British daily Sunday Times – in response to why there was “such a focus on the Holocaust”, had replied: “The Jewish domination of the media. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel has f***** up United States foreign policy for years.”

It were the American Jewish groups which declared economic boycott against Germany in 1933 – even before the rise of Hitler to power. Later, even Adolf Hitler did not want war with the US, but the Jewish groups forced Washington to declare war against Germany in support of the Allied Forces.

In May 1948, US President Harry Truman, in order to receive Jewish groups’ support for his re-election – recognized the Zionist entity against the advice of  the country’s highest-ranking military officer, General George C. Marshall (died 1959)and his Defense Secretary Lieutenant James Forrestal (died 1949).

More and more Americans have started to wake-up to the fact that the main task for the US Army is to protect the interests of the Jewish elites and their Goyim collaborators.

Mark Bruzonsky, a Jewish, American Scholar and Journalist, who had been a prominent player during the Camp David peace accord (September 17, 1978). Early this month, Mark Bruzonsky was interviewed by Susan Modaress for Iranian Press TV (watch the video below).

Mark Bruzonsky explained the specific time and day Ben-Obama sold out to the AIPAC lobby, and how President Obama would never dare oppose the stronghold of the Zionist, Israeli Lobby in the US.

“There is no way in the world he (Obama) can come up against the Israeli Jewish lobby and their great group of institutions, personalities and foundations – no way. He knows it. He continues to talk the language of two-state solution, but that’s largely to keep Abbas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) from being totally discredited,” said Mark.

Concerning the US demand that Benji Netanyahu put a 90-day freeze on the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank or East Jerusalem – Mark responded: “Well, Obama made a joke and a fool out of himself. Didn’t anyone tell what was going to happen the moment he tried to get the Israelis to stop building settlements? There is a whole history that goes back to Camp David and US President Carter who also told the world that he had got the Israelis to agree to stop settlements and then the Israelis at that time made a fool out of that president by saying they had discussed freezing settlements, but only for 90 days. And then after that they escalated their program and we now live in the world we live in”.

“The US has prevented a settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict because the Israelis set up such powerful institutions, lobbies, publications, personalities and control in various ways of political parties and of the media making it impossible for American leaders to do what they knew they should do to solve this cancer,” said Mark.

When Susan asked Mark if he sees any hope for Palestinian to get a fair deal from US-Israel alliance – Mark replied: “It’s a very long, dark tunnel now but hopefully saner, wiser policies will prevail down the road. And we can’t afford this anymore. Our own empire is collapsing financially, morally, and spiritually in terms of the credibility of American institutions. We don’t feel it so much in Washington, but around the country, the Tea Party and the other movements is representative of a feeling that our future is dissolving in our place in the world, and our standard of living and what we are providing for our children. There is big conflict here and we don’t have the resources to continue these policies even if you want to argue the policies are right”.

Incidently, on February 17, 2011 – Israel-Firster academic, David Horowitz has called Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), who received largest votes at CPAC conference: “Ron Paul is a Vicious Anti-Semite and Conservatives Need To Wash Their Hands of Him.” Both Ron Paul and his son Senator Rand Paul (Tea Party-KY) have recently proposed to cut annual USAID to Israel (over $6 billion), Egypt ($1.5 billion), Jordan ($350 million) and Pakistan (doesn’t get aid on annual basis. It’s estimated that since 1960s, Pakistan has received $20 billion in military and economic aid).


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