Kosova, Israel and the ‘Islamic threat’

“On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of the Republic of Kosovo on your third anniversary of independence this February 17. In my visit to Kosovo last October I was impressed with the promise of such a young country. The dynamic, engaged youth who represent so much of Kosovo’s future are working with civil society to build up democratic institutions, expand economic opportunities, and promote the rule of law,” Israel-First Hillary Clinton congratualted the government of Kosova on its third anniversary on February 17, 2011.

In December 2010, Israeli daily Ha’aretz had reported that Interpol is hunting two Israeli Jews involve in harvesting and buying Kosovan body-parts and selling them in Israel  for as much as US$137,000.

Israelis and other Jews are notorious for harvesting human-body parts in Occupied Palestine, Albania, Haiti, Moldova, Ukraine, the US, Chad and many other parts of the world. In November 2009, Alison Weir wrote in the Washington Report under the heading “Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft: From Moldova to Palestine”

On September 2, 2009 – pro-Israel CNN quoted Professor Nancy Scheper-Hughes ( University of California Berkeley) saying: “Israel is the top,” she said. “It has tentacles reaching out worldwide.”

In a lecture last year sponsored by New York’s PBS 13 Forum, Scheper-Hughes explained that Israeli organ traffickers, “had and still have a pyramid system at work that’s awesome…they have brokers everywhere, bank accounts everywhere; they’ve got recruiters, they’ve got translators, they’ve got travel agents who set up the visas.”

Kosova Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, in an interview with Jewish Telegraph Agency (JT) had said: “I love Israel. What a great country. Kosovo is a friend of Israel. I met so many great leaders when I was there – Netanyahu, Sharon – I really admire them.”

However, many Israeli political analyst are not in favor of Israel’s recognizing of an independent Muslim-majority (90%) Republic of Kosova. They believe that it will set an example for the Palestinian to declare unilaterally an independent state on their ancestral land of Palestine.

Despite Kosova having the most pro-Washington vibe in Europe and profoundly secular (anti-Islam) stand as well as Thaci’s love for Israel and its war-criminal leaders – according to JTA – recognizing Kosova’s independence from Serbia is not good for Israel. There is also a general concern among Israeli officials over encouraging Muslim separatist movements and that Kosova’s independence will open a new corridor within Europe where radical Islam can take root.

Another Islamophobe, James Lyon, the Belgrade-based special Balkans adviser for Jewish billionaire George Soro’s International Crisis Group, whined recently: “You’ll find far more radical Islamists in Brooklyn than you will in the Balkans”. I bet James Lyon must believe that those 17 Rabbis arrested in 2009 for selling human body parts – were Muslims in fact!

Wayne Madsen wrote at Online Journal (July 16, 2008) about Bill Clinton’s  Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (who boasted his Jewish roots), an adviser to the Barack Obama campaign and godmother of US Ambassador at United Nations. Dr. Susan Rice – playing ‘honey-pot’ for Hashim Thaci. The other supporters of ‘Israel loving’ Thaci, includes arch neocon Jewish Richard Perle and Gen. Wesley Clark.


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