Muslim puppets in exile

When I read that the Zionist entity is making preparations to receive their most loyal Arab ruler Hosni Muarak – I was convince that Hosni Mubarak could not have picked a better place for spending the remaining days of his life  other than a western colony. Israel provides everything a brutal dictator will dream off – from genocide to world’s highest numbers of brothels. Tunisian pro-West dictator for 23 years, Zine al-Abedine 74,  along with his family, took refuge  in Saudi Arabia when he was forced to flee Tunisia by the mass pro-democracy protests.

In January 1979 – Washington’s strongman, King Reza Shah Pahlavi accompanied by Queen Farah escaped the wrath of Islamic Revolutionaries by sneaking out of country with the help of US-Israel and landed in Egypt, while couple’s three children were flown to the US. King Reza then went to Morocco, Bahamas and Mexico. On October 22, 1979, US President Jimmy Carter on the request of Zionist billionaire David Rockefeller allowed the King to enter the US for medical treatment. On December 15, 1979 – Shah was asked to leave the US. Shah went to Pamama and from there back to Egypt, where he died on July 27, 1980. Hosni Mubarak’s boss Anwar Sadat gave a state funeral to Imam Khomeini tormentor. One of Shah’s son is married to Anwar Sadat’s daughter.

Ugandan President Dada Idi Amin (died 2003) had received military training in Israel. Israeli military helped him to stage military coup against President Milton Obote in January 1971. He was finally overthrown after trying to annex a part of Tanzania neighbouring southeastern Uganda on April 11, 1979. He took refuge in Saudi Arabia where he died of natural causes. The Daily Telegraph called him “a welcome contrast to other African leaders and a staunch friend of Britain”. Israel described Amin as its special African friend and he graduated with Israeli army paratroop wings after training in the Negev Desert.

Pakistan’s fourth military dictator (1999-2008), Gen. Pervez Musharaf, opened country’s doors for CIA-Mossad-RAW terrorism when he cowed-down to Gen. Colin Powell’s threat “either you’re with US or with Taliban” and allowed the US forces to attack Afghanistan using Pakistan’s land and airspace. Musharaf was very clos to American Jewish lobby groups. When he was forced to step-down – Jewish Telegraph Agency called it a great loss to world Jewry. Currently, Musharaf lives in exile in London in a two million dollar apartment and is guarded by some retired Pakistan military commandos and the Scotland Yard.

Nawaz Sharif, twice prime minister of Pakistan was overthrown by a military coup in 1999 led by six military commanders while their boss Gen. Pervez Musharaf was out of country. Nawaz Sharif was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonemnt for corruption, hijacking and terrorism. Later he was allowed to go into exile. He chose Saudi Arabia. He returned to Pakistan after the downfall of the military dictatorship in 2008. Now, he leads the Opposition in Pakistan.

The US groomed and bikini-whisky lover, Benazir Bhutto,  became prime minister of Pakistan twice and was dismissed twice for corruption by the country’s Presidents.. Though the West projected her the ‘champion of democracy’, she never allowed democracy within her own Pakistan People Party – which was created and headed by her father, former prime minister Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto. After his death by hanging – Benazir’s mother became the chairperson of the party. Later she passed-on her powers to her daughter, Benazir Bhutto. After her assassination, her son and her husband share the chairmanship of the party. When her husband, the current President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, was jailed on charges of corruption and murder – Benazir Bhutto along with her children took exile in London. After nine years of exile, she was convinced by Washington and London that she would be the perfect replacement for Gen. Pervaiz Musharaf. Little she realized that she was being set-up as sacrificial lamb (a martyr) for her party to win the election and her husband be the best pro-West crook to lead the only nuclear power among the 57 Muslim nation-states.


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