The ‘Nice Jewish girl’ and the ‘Koran Baby’

So what is common between Russian Anna Chapman and the Latvian Anna Fermanova (‘Nice Jewish girl’, NYDailyNews, July 28, 2010)? They’re both Russian Jewish spies busted in United States last year. Both also love to display their ‘sexy’ bodies.

Anna Vasil’yevna Chapman, the Russian spy who was busted along with nine others on June 27, 2010 on charges of working for the Russian intelligence agency, the SVR. All of them were deported back to Russia on July 8, 2010, as part of the 2010 Russia–United States Prisoner Swap. Just imagine, how the Jewish Lobby had reacted, had they been Iranian or Pakistanis!

Anyway, this post has nothing to do with her espionage or her many other talents such as her topless and nude pictures in men’s magazines (Maxim and Playboy), invited at a rocket launch, presented with a tiger cub on a television chat show or becoming a leader of the youth wing of Vladimir Putin’s Young Guard youth political group. This post is about Anna’s new TV show ‘Secrets of the World’ aired on January 21, 2011.

In the first episode – Anna, instead of talking about one or more her above talents – chose to discuss the so-called Koran Baby – the nine-month-old child Ali Yakubov – born in Russian occupied Muslim-majority Daghestan. Last year Ali became a sort of religious attraction to thousands of Muslim devotees who visited his parents home to see Koranic verses appearing on Ali’s body (the link has a slide showing those verses on Ali’s body).

Ms Chapman discussing the theory that the child’s parents might have faked the Koranic verses using henna, she said, “I’ve been to Arab countries and I’ve seen how they do it there.” At one point she claimed that “her sources” in Dagestan had told her that the lives of the Koran baby’s family were at risk. “They didn’t want to speak to any journalists,” she said. “But I managed to talk them round.”

Regardless the fact that many Muslim don’t believe in such miracles – historically, however, they had happened the past too. For example…

On June 12, 1917 – The British embassy in Zanzibar heard that a ten-inch long Ghurna fish caught in the sea off the coast of Zanzibar had Koranic verses written on both sides of the tail fish in natural colours – “La illah illallah” on one side and “shan Allah” on the other side. The embassy official verified the writing with chemicals and had concluded that – though “strange but miraculous writings emanated from the natural colourings of the species and that there was no evidence of human tempering”.

In August 1982 – a beekeeper in Karakay (Turkey) while drawing honey from his behives when he observed Arabic word ‘Allah’ clearly visible on the honeycomb. Interestingly, Holy Qur’an also have Chapter 16 named ‘The Bee’.

In 1997 – in Bolton (Lancashire) an eggplant, when sliced, was found to have the Islamic declaration (Shahada) written in Arbic. Also Shasta Aslam 14 of Lockwood Huddersfield, who bought a sixty pence bag of tomatoes on her way home from school, was surprised that one of the potatoes she had cut in half, bore a striking resemblance to Islamic Shahada in Arabic.

Similar miraculous Koranic writings have been reported in India (1997), Germany, Venezuela, Australia, Senegal, Iran, etc. Professor Farouk Hosein in his book ‘Book Of The Millennium‘ (published in 2002 by ‘Society for the Propagation and Advancement of Resarch and Knowledge (SPARK) in Toronto, Canada) has documented these and more miracles with photos.

Many followers of other religions (Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism) too believe such miracles related to their own faiths.


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