Hersh: Anti-Islam Ziofacists control the US

In his address at the Georgetown University, Doha on January 17, 2011 – The Pulitzer Prize winner American-Jewish investigating journalist, Seymour Hersh, exposed the control of the ‘Israel-First’ anti-Muslim neoconservatives (mostly Jewish) cabal over American foreign policy in the Middle East.

“What I’m really talking about is how eight or nine neoconservatives , radicals (Jews) if you will, overthrew the American government. Took it over,” he said. “It’s not only that the neocons took it over but how easily they did it – how Congress disappeared, how the press became part of it, how the public acquiesced.”

The goal of these pro-Israel facists is to invade and occupy Muslim lands and destroy Islam. “That’s the attitude,” Hersh said. “We’re gonna change mosques into cathedrals. That’s an attitude that pervades, I’m here to say, a large percentage of the Joint Special Operations Command.”

Hersh also claimed that Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who headed Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) before briefly becoming the top US commander in Afghanistan, and his successor, Vice Adm. William McRaven, as well as many within JSOC, “are all members of, or at least supporters of, Knights of Malta.” The Knights of Malta is Jewish-Jesuits masonic cult whose members trying everthing in their power to fulfil the devilic agenda of  The Protocols of Zion – One World Government under Jewish domination.

Seymour Hersh also touched on the US invasion of Muslim lands and Washington’s blind support for the Jewish colonization of Palestine.

“Many of them (neocons) are members of Opus Dei. They do see what they’re doing – and this is not an a typical attitude among some military. It’s a crusade, literally. They seem themselves as the protectors of the Christians. They’re protecting them from the Muslims as in the 13th century. And this is their function.”

Torture in Afghanistan, assassination missions in Pakistan, and the continued support of an Israeli regime with questionable intentions are all serious issues that have yet to be significantly addressed by Obama.

The Israeli shift to the right represented by the new political appointments in their government is a source of concern. With more hawkish and right-wing Israeli politicians replacing or in the process of replacing outgoing officials, Hersh worries about what the future may hold.

Hersh said that the US must enter into a dialogue with Mullah Omar if they wish to get out of the country in the foreseeable future.

Hersh also expressed his concerns about developments in Iraq, and said he believed the Iraqis “would rather burn their oil” than see it go to the US.

Recent developments in Tunisia will “scare the hell” out of other leaders in the region and countries experiencing economic distress could well witness similar political action, he said, according to Gulf Times.

Although he said he was “shocked and appalled” at Obama’s apparent lack of desire to change the situation he found thrust upon him when he entered the White House, Hersh did offer one crumb of comfort – albeit a wishful one.

He said that Obama may be bidding for time, ensuring that he wins re-election before “becoming more like the Abraham Lincoln style President we hoped he would be.”

Obama may well be waiting before delivering on the promises he made upon entering the White House, Hersh said. He however admitted his concern. “I’m very sceptical,” he said.


One response to “Hersh: Anti-Islam Ziofacists control the US

  1. It doesn’t matter who a public servant’s mother was. According to the Israeli government, that’s how you know who is Jewish. What matters is whether a public servant is a Zionist.

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