Jewish ‘Vengeance’ and Mufti’s residence

The World Zionist movement propagandists are master in the field of character assassination of both friends and foes. Their victims list includes Adolf Hitler, also known as the Founder of Israel; Al-Haj Mufti Amin al-Husseini for his resistance to the mass illegal immigration of European Jewry to British mandate Palestine, and lately of former US President Jimmy Carter, who gave Camp David to Israel but later received the title of ‘anti-Semite’ for calling the Zionist entity an ‘apartheid state’ in his book and meeting Hamas – and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for criticizing the Zionist entity for its Zionazi actions.

After Mufti’s heirs complained to the Secretary General of Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Professor Ekmeleddin – he condemned the Zionist entity for demolishing the residence (Shepherds Hotel) of late Mufti of Al-Quds, Al-Haj Amin al-Husseini (1895-1974).

The hotel, a villa built in 1935, was to serve as the residence of  Haj Amin al-Husseini, the late grand mufti of Al-Quds (Jerusalem). The mufti, a prominent Palestinian nationalist leader, was sought by the British for his earlier anti-colonial activities in Iraq and later in Palestine, where the Zionists were trying to establish their presence.  As a result, he fled the country and took refuge during World War Two in Italy and Germany.

After Israel occupied East Jerusalem from Jordan in 1967, the property, was confiscated under its absentee property laws that apply to abandoned properties of absent Palestinians who were chased out of their homeland. It was later sold to a Miami-based American-Jewish casino billionaire, Irving Moskowitz, who is said to be “a long-time supporter of Jewish building and settlement in East Jerusalem”. Last week, Jewish settlers used three bulldozers to demolish the historic Shepherds Hotel located in the heart of Sheikh Jarrah to build 20 new units for the foreign Jewish settlers. The okey for this heinous act was given by Benji Netanyahu in 2009. See the demolition video below.

Lenni Brenner, a Zionist Jew historian, in his book Zionism in the Age of Dictators has documented how the Nazis patronized the Zionists and the Mufti’s request for banning Jewish immigration fell on duff ears thanks to Adolf Eichmann who was a protege of Zionist von Mildenstein and like his mentor, had studied Hebrew. Eichmann accompanied by his wife had visited British mandate Palestine and the trip was fully paid by th WZO. The SS records confiscated by the American after the D-Day, record a conversation between Eichmann and one Zionist leader, saying: “Mr. Eichmann, believe me that if we Zionists were not Jewish, we would have been Nazis (in fact there were 150,000 German Jews in the Nazi Army). You Nazis consider the Aryan race to belong to the perfect people and the German people as the most perfect. We also consider ourselves a perfect people, and Zionists, the most perfect ones”.

Israel-born British writer, blogger and the renowned jazz player, Gilad Atzmon describes the Jewish Vengeance, as: “Zionists love to see themselves as revengeful and merciless. In Israel, Samson who is nothing less than a genocidal murderer is regarded as an eternal hero. He even managed to get an IDF battalion called after him. It is not a secret that the fantasy of retribution is deeply imbued within the Zionist psyche  and Israeli politics…..”


2 responses to “Jewish ‘Vengeance’ and Mufti’s residence

  1. How can Jimmy Carter give Camp David to Israel when it is a US
    govt property, hence, belongs to American tax payers?
    Israel is a foreign entity and has no place in America.

  2. Well, Moshe – The Presidential resort Camp David was named after the son of former US President Eisehower, a born Jew.

    In the context of Palestinian-Zionist conflict in the Middle East – Camp David means – the agreement signed between Egyptian dictatorship and the Zionist regime on September 17, 1978. In return for an annual bribe of US$1.5 billion Anwar Sadat’s government recognized the European Jews’ right to occupy an Arab land. The Zionist regime in return got an annual increase of USAID$3 billion.

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