Poll: Americans worry for Iranian threat to Israel

How much American public has been duped by the pro-Israel mainstream media lies about Israel’s fear of Iran’s civilian nuclear program – can be judged by results of a recent poll conducted by the Angus Reid Public Opinion.

The results of the poll taken among 1,005 Americans and released on December 29, 2010 – show that a great majority of them have ‘unfavorable’ opinion of Iran (75%) while a very ‘favorable’ opinion of Canada (83%) under anti-Iran Stephen Harper Zionist government.

The results also show that Americans’ distorted opinion about Iran’s nuclear program has not changed during 2010.

“Americans also continue to be highly suspicious of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, with 70 per cent of respondents agreeing with the notion that the Government of Iran is attempting to develop nuclear weapons. Only 11 per cent of Americans do not believe that Iran is pursuing a nuclear program, while one-in-five (19%) are not sure. These findings are consistent with a similar poll conducted by Vision Critical/Angus Reid Public Opinion at the start of 2010,” says the poll report.

The results also show that Republicans are more loyal to Israel than the Democrats when it comes to dealing with Iran. Republicans (40%) want US military strikes against Iran while Democrats (56%) want more sanctions but no military strikes.

However, the good news is that only one out of four Yankee would like Ben Obama to attack Iran to stop Iranian nuclear program and save the Zionist-regime – which reminds me of the good-old Zionist Jewish reporter and ‘political adviser’ at The Atlantic magazine, Jeffrey Goldberg, famous for yelling in support of the Zionist-regime on top of his lungs and bashing Islamic-regime in Tehran. In his December 27, 2010 article, the poor chaps seems to have accepted the truth: “Israel is doomed to be a civilized and democratic society”.

Jeffrey Goldberg, unlike other Israeli hasbara authors such as Daniel Pipes or David Horowitz or Robert Spencer or Michael Savage or Rev. Pat Robertson or Mark Steyn – is a very powerful voice in the Jewish Lobby. His iportance could be viewed by the fact that in order to improve US-Cuban relations – Fidel Castro invited him for an interview in Havana a few months ago. Jeffrey Goldberg quoted Castro being critical of Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s views on Holocaust and, like Rupert Murdoch said: “no one has been slandered more than the Jews”. Benji Netanyhau and Shimon Peres were so pleased with Castro’s anti-Ahmadinejad rant that both Zionazis thanked Castro in public for his ‘moral support’ for Israel. Their actions were so laughable that Israel’s most-circulated English daily Ha’aretz in its September 27, 2010 editorial “Israel’s flirtation with Castro smacks of desperation”, called that “Castro remains Castro – and Bibi and Peres remain liars”.

Jeffrey under the heading “What if Israel cease to a democracy?”, wrote:

“Is it actually possible that one day Israelis — Jewish Israelis — would choose to give up democracy in order to maintain Israel’s Jewish voting majority? Some people, of course, argue that Israel has ceased to be a democracy, because there is nothing temporary about the 43-year-old occupation of the West Bank. I believe it is premature to talk about the end of Israel as a democratic state — mainly because the disposition of the West Bank is still undecided — but I can’t say that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind that one day Israelis will make the conscious, active decision to preserve the state’s Jewish character instead of its democratic character (I use the word “Jewish” in the demographic sense, not the moral sense, obviously)”.

Interestingly, an American Jew, Jack Bernstein who lived and got married in Israel – and gave his life for exposing the myth of Israel being a ‘democracy’, several decades ago.


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