Zionist spy satellite over Sudan

A member of powerful Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) head by Zionist Jew Dr. Richard Haass – actor George Clooney has sponsored a CIA version of political spying satellite to track down some new ‘smoking gun’ against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who some day maybe dragged to appear in front of the Zionist occupied International Criminal Court which had issued a warrant for his arrest for war-crime in 2009. However, ICC has refused to investigate the leaders of Israel for their war-crimes against Palestinians and Lebanese.

The satellite surveillance of southern Sudan went live on December 30, 2010. According to TIME magazine (December 28, 2010), the Satellite Sentinel Project – a joint experiment by the U.N.’s Operational Satellite Applications Programme, Harvard University, the Enough Project and Clooney’s posse of Hollywood funders – will hire private satellites to monitor troop movements starting with the oil-rich region of Abyei.

The collection of satellite imagery were devised by Jewish Trellon and Google. The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative run by Jennifer Leaning and Michael Van Rooyen will be in charge of deciphering them, while the Enough Project headed by Gayle Smith and John Prendergast (who formerly steered the South Sudan separation project within the US National Security Council) will supply the political analysis.

The campaign against the government in Khartoum run by organizations like ‘Save Darfur’, ‘Not On Our Watch’, etc. are loaded by pro-Israel Jews and Christians. Israeli media has admitted that the ‘Save Darfur’ organization is a brain-child of 15 Jewish organizations in America which wants to save the lives of Christians (5%) and Pagans (20%) in Southern Sudan but not the victims of their fellow Jews in Palestine, seven million of whom are forced to live in refugee camps or as immigrants in foreign lands. Furthermore, funds (US$50 million) from the ‘Save Darfur’ have already been used to to settle foreign Jews on Arab lands in occupied Palestine.

George Clooney and John Prendergast (a human rights activists who never spoke a word about Palestinians’ human-rights), is a member of ‘Save Darfur’, had visited Southern Sudan in October 2010. John Prendergast is frequent speaker at functions sponsored by Jewish lobby groups.

In June 2010 – American Zionist Vice-president Joe Biden made a trip to several African nations to finalise the secession of South Sudan, which could occur in the first half of 2011.

CFR and Obama administration are like husband and wife. The great majority of their members are either Jewish or have Jewish spouses.

The leaders of the pro-America Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) have recently made several statements on the future of Southern Sudan, indicating clearly that Southern Sudan is proceeding towards secession, which is exactly what the American Zionist groups have been scheming for.

The story of displacement and death in the Darfur region of Sudan is indeed horrific. And, since Sudan is one of the few countries in Africa which has been off-limits to US oil deals and capital penetration, the crimes of the Sudanese government have a special resonance in U.S policy-making circles. Although it is rare that the Darfur tragedy is put into context, please permit me to try,” Peter Erlinder, past-President, National Lawyers Guild, NY,NY.

The situation in South Sudan and Darfur is tragic but it’s not genocide if one compare its with native Muslims and Christians under Jewish occupation.


One response to “Zionist spy satellite over Sudan

  1. If the real Christan witness, such as that of the Palestinian Christians, who stand squarely with their Muslim brothers and sisters were the case in Sudan, it would be different. What has happened there is a very complex and manipulated attack on Christians by false-Christians (mainly evangelical Christian-Zionists – who are apostate and not real Christians) and Jews and false flag operations by CIA-Mossad with United Nations cover. What is being prepared is already beginning in the Western Sahara and the Sahel and Côte d’ Ivoire and has been going on in Iraq for quite some time. Morocco and Tunisia and Algeria are prime targets for complete disruption from both left and right dialectical Zio-Communist/Western Zio-Colonial Imperialism and finally the same balkanization that has been brutally visited upon Iraq. Then they will proceed down the entire African continent. Darfur is a genocide and so is Palestine and Iraq. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are spared so far becasue they are collaborators. If Iran was ever going to do something to stop it now, they would have to ally with an Arab League that finally decided to stand up to the Zionists fully and not just in mincing words. Iran would also have to show good will and withdraw all Basiji militias from Iraq and enlist the good will and help of a united Iraq. Of course Iraq would have to unite truly against the Zionists and all of their allies.

    All is not lost, but the plan that the Zionist Oded Yinon wrote about in 1982, which actually predates Yinon, is coming to pass in fuller and fuller measure. If it isn’t stopped, the entire Middle East and all of Africa will be lost to the Zionists.

    The Pan African movement should, by all means be brought into unity with the Pan Arab and the Pan Islamic causes, but only if the safety of all Christians is actually guaranteed and that guarantee is always carried out.

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