Iran and the ‘Zionist pranks’

Last year’s most outrageous Zionist prank was British daily Telegraph’s claim that Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has “Jewish roots”. This year’s greatest Zionist prank comes from British daily Mail which has claimed on December 1, 2010 that an image of the ‘Star of Zion’ exists on the roof of the headquarters of Iran Air in Tehran. The ‘surprise discovery’ was made by Zionist propaganda outfit Google Earth.

In August 2010 – Star of Zion was also spotted at a building in the main square in Tehran.

“The Iranian became angry when local media reported Saturday the discovery of a Google Earth image that shows the Star of David on top of the main building of the Airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, also known as Iran Air, and called for its instant removal,” the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot reported Sunday.

The buildings in question were built before the Islamic Revolution by Israeli construction firms when Tehran under Shah and Tel Aviv and Washington used to share the same bed.

From Iran-Contra affair to the latest ‘discovery’ of Star of Zion – shows the pathetic nature of the Zionist-regime to create division between the Arabs and non-Arabs in the Middle East. It’s beyond human imagination that even after 30 years – no building maintenance crew spotted those Jewish symbols. The reason behind their survival was due to Islamic regime’s tolerance towards its non-Muslim minorities. Iran has the oldest and largest Jewish community (30,000) in the Middle after the occupied Palestine. There are at least four Synagouges displaying the ‘Star of Yahud’ on the front, in Tehran alone Under the Constitution, each non-Muslim minority is allocated a reserved seat in the Majlis (Parliament), based on its population. Jews, Christians, Russian Orthodox and Zoroastrians – all have one member each sitting in the Majlis. These minority-leaders also represents their respective communities at the powerful 86-member-strong Majlis-e Khobregan (Assembly of Experts) – which acts as the ‘watchdog’ over Iranian Constitution and the country’s Spiritual Leader.

Historically, the so-called ‘Star of David’ has nothing to do with prophet (or King) David. It’s Hindu Vedic symbol of Goloka or ‘Satkona’. It was adopted as a symbol of Judaism in the 17th century. The atheist leaders of the World Zionist Congress, like several other Biblical symbols – adopted the ‘six pointed star with a hexagram within (two inverted triangles – one pointing upward signifying Purusa and the other pointing downward signifying Prakrti) – to fool the non-Zionist Jewish world majority.


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