Shiva goes nuclear

Lord Shiva is a top Hindu deity. Shiva (the Lord of Destruction) is also known as Shiva Nataraja (the dancing Lord).

In October 2004 – A large statue of Lord Shiva was unveiled at the front lawn of the Geneva-based European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Anil Kokodkar, Chairman of Indian Atomic Energy Commission and Secretary to government of India – expressed his “satisfaction that the Indian scientist community is part of the quest for understanding the Universe”. India’s involvement with CERN goes back to 1960s.

A 3-ft tall statue of Lord Shiva is also at display at the San Francisco-based Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

On November 7, 2010 – Dr. Tom Termotto posted an article, titled The Large Hadron Collider and the statue at CERN, shedding light on the secret activities of CERN. Tom is a founding member of Concerned Citizens of Florida, an organization concerned with environmental disasters.

Lord Shiva is one of the three primary deities of the Hindu trinity and is known wherever his image is worshiped as the destroyer and transformer. What does the dancing Shiva (Nataraj) have to do with the Large Hadron Collider? Lets have a closer look.

Does the statue of Shiva Nataraj (at CERN complex) is a message “from the universe” about the destructive potential of a particle accelerator which collides opposing streams of protons and most recently lead ions) at the speed of light in an effort to create a mini big bang. We sincerely hope that the unique and strategic placement of this sacred statue will somehow represent an auspicious outcome of CERN’s endeavors, and will not prove to be an ill omen.

The physicists who work there are well aware that things are being done which are clearly pushing the edge of the envelope. Lawsuits have been filed, position papers have been written and formal requests to cease and desist have been made by some of the best and brightest among us. And yet the experiments continue unabated. Should we be concerned?

Everything in life has a cost/benefit ratio associated with it, Yes? Even though we may be unaware, our minds continually calculate, and re-calculate, the costs and benefits of every venture we undertake. Seems reasonable that the greater the downside risk, the more thorough and penetrating ought to be our analysis of potential consequences (read costs), especially when all of humanity can be be affected.

We commend those many naysayers who have sprung up around the world to denounce what has truly become a tyranny of science. The staus quo has evolved to a point where scientific judgment is not even given a chance to be questioned because there is simply no forum to do so. The great bastions of scientific inquiry have a perpetual lock on the entire system by virtue of the institutional arrangements which have inexorably evolved in such a way that they are rendered immune to outside scrutiny or examination by any except their own. This purposefully designed system makes them, not only judge, jury and prosecutor, but also president, prime minister and secretary of science & technology.

While appreciating Dr. Tom Termotto’s concern over what is going on at the CERN – I like to add that among the three Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) – Islam is the only one which commands its followers to learn and apply scientific knowledge to develop new ways for the benefits of the entire humanity and search for Allah’s unknown wonders to know His Majesty. Muslim scientists have been credited with inventing 1,001 new products, most of which are taken for granted in the western world these days. However, Holy Qur’an forbids Believers to use scientific knowledge to produce any device which would become harmful to humanity in the long run. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution (1979) Imam Khomeini declared military nuclear research carried by Reza Shah regime with the collaboration of the US and Israel – as un-Islamic and ordered it to be closed-down. In 2005, the Spiritual Leader of Iran, Ayatullah Ali Hussein Khamenei, issued a Fatwa (Islamic commandment) calling the procurement of WMDs un-Islamic (Haram). His Fatwa is a registered document with United Nations.


One response to “Shiva goes nuclear


    This was, is, Rudhra Thandava – means a wild step away from norms – but not fallen down – a wild Balance – like walking on a rope (swing of his arms) !

    The balance is at lowest energy level.
    The Energy (Shakti) should not increase above balance level (lift her leg above) – otherwise fallen from metastable to stable – Naturalness !

    The Pandemonium of CP symmetry – what westerners called Gluons and QCD.

    The dance stops locally with a “correct step (Naturalness)” is an individual Apocalypse – the Death – and continues again catching with a “wrong step” – the “flip” in EM !

    But its Cosmic connection is gauge invariance – an almost nonRepeating pattern – also away from Natural Laws (Thappu Thalam or wrong Rhythm) – evident in radio activity !

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