Gideon Levy: ‘How to weaken Iran?’

Israel’s welknown journalist and author, Gideon Levy, in his latest Ed-Op titled, Bombing Iran will strengthen it; only peace will weaken Iran, published in Israeli daily Haaretz (November 5, 2010) – has come up with a novel idea by which the Zionist regime can isolate, neuralize and ultimatelt weaken the Islamic Republic.

Gideon Levy suggests that the Zionist regime should stop pushing Washington to bomb Iran for Israel’s sake – and instead co-operate in in the establishment a Palestinian state under Fatah and negotiate peace with Syria (by withdrawing from the Golan Heights). This will isolate Iran from Palestinians, Syrian and bring Turkey back to Israeli lap. Thus, Islamic Republic will be left only with Hizbullah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad as is allies in the region (as all the Arab puppet regimes are afraid of Islamists).

On the other hand, Gideon Levy believes that the hawkish Jewish plan to bomb Iran would be disastrous for the Zionist entity:

“Iran is dangerous; an Iran that is bombed will be even more dangerous. The regime in Iran is stable; the regime after a bombing will be even more stable. Anyone who wants to strengthen it is invited to bomb. Anyone who wants to unite the Iranian people even more behind its leadership is invited to threaten and attack. Anyone who wants to spur on Iran even more to get a nuclear bomb is invited to intimidate it. Even the last of the ayatollahs knows the truth: If Afghanistan or Iraq had an atomic bomb, the United States would not have dared to invade them, and their regimes would have been spared,” wrote Gideon Levi.

“The last of the ayatollahs also knows that lashing out at Israel the occupier is the best way to preserve the regime. And in Israel, the last of the experts knows that bombing Iran will merely delay the development of a bomb by a few years. Anyone who wants to prove that Israel knows how to bomb – to bomb once again – is invited to embark on that crazy adventure,” he added.

I tends to agree with Gideon’s analysis of how dangerous the Islamic Republic could become, if bombed by USrael, for the Zionist entity and especially for the American forces and US interests in the region. However, in some of his suggested ideas to weaken the Islamic Iran – Levi seems to have missed his bus.

1. A Palestinian state under Fatah rule will neither alienate Palestinian masses from Hamas or Islamic Jihad – because they know that Fatah had long been bought-out by the US-Israel-EU axis of evil. In the early days, Tel Aviv did not consider Hamas a ‘threat’ because it wanted to use the Islamists to scare the hell out of the corrupt secular leaders of PLO, which it succeeded in the long run. So the resistance, as it is today, will continue on two fronts – against Israel and against its proxy Fatah.

2. Syria’s friendship with Islamic Republic is not based on Islamic or Shia love but for economic and strategic reasons. If Ba’athist regime in Damascus gets the Golan Heights back and some good financial pricks from Washington on behalf of Israel – I am sure King Assad will change his tune in favor of Israel.

3. Ankara is critical of Tel Aviv – not because it loves Iranians or Palestinians, but because after fed-up being continuosly rejected by the “Christian Club aka European Union for the last 20 years – it’s looking for new strategic and economic partners to loosen the US-Kemalist-Israel hug. Majority of Turks (99% Sunnis) still don’t trust Arabs (80% Sunnis) for their collaboration with the West against the Ottoman Empire. An oil-rich non-Arab Iran is the obvious choice for Turkey.

4. Hizbullah along with the great majority of Lebanese don’t trust Syria, which practically had occupied Lebanon (1976-2005) on the behest of the US to keep the Islamists under control. Hizbullah don’t receive financial or military aid from Syria, which as an old ally of USSR, still maintains good relation with the communist regime in Moscow. Hizbullah being a religious-oriented organization, cannot accept Ba’athist regime as a trusted ally. Therefore, as Levi said, Hizbullah wiii stay closer to the Islamic regime in Tehran and the Islamic Resistance in the Gaza Strip.

Gideon was an Old Testament (Jewish Bible) hero who saved Israelites (not the ‘Jews’) from defeat from superior forces because he had superior intelligence. Gordon Thomas named his book Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of Mossad after that biblical character.


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