British Lobby blasts Lord Phillips

British daily Jewish Chrinicle has slammed the President of the Supreme Court of Britain, Lord Nicholas Phillips, for “suggesting that Israel was created only because of the guilt felt by the West after the Holocaust”. The paper called the remarks “nonsense”, saying that there were many other historic and political reasons behind the creation of Israel”. The paper also claimed that British government (Occupied by Jews and Christian Zionists) has never criticized Israel for the separation wall because “it isn’t illegal”.

In July 2008 – Lord Phillips came under fire from pro-Israel lobby and anti-Muslim racist groups when he endorsed Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams’ suggestion that Islamic Shari’ah laws, could govern marital law, financial transactions and arbitration in disputes – made five months earlier. “It was not very radical to advocate embracing Shari’ah laws in the context of family disputes. There is widespread misunderstanding as to the nature of Shari’ah law,” Lord Phillips said.

Interestingly, on October 4, 1996 – the Jewish Chronicle joyfully reported: “A Labour government will act to make the Holocaust denial (Six Million Died) a criminal offence, Opposition leaders pledged this week”. Incidently, the Oposition Labour Party just elected Ed Miliband its first Jewish leader.

“But the reason I said what I said (criticism of Israeli actions) is that sometimes you have to be honest with your friends. As a friend of Israel you worry that some of the things the government has done haven’t necessarily promoted Israel’s long term interests. I mentioned the blockade and what happened with the flotilla, but just for the record, I absolutely condemn Hamas rocket attacks on civilians in Israel,” Ed Miliband told Jewish Chronicle in a recent interview.

The outburst from the “Friends of Israel” came in response to Lord Phillips’ remarks at the meeting of Palestine Solidarity Campaign in the House of Common earlier this week that everything Israel is doing currently, including the construction of the separation barrier is, “illegal”. Lord Phillips also questioned the British government for not telling that fact to the Zionist regime.

Now, leaving the Jews fighting Jews aside (Lord Phillips is quoted as having a Jewish ancestory, like British PM David Cameron) – the fact remains that Israel was indeed built on several Zionist myths which has no historic or religious background. French philosopher Roger Garaudy has exposed some of Zionist myths in his book The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics – challenging the official Holocaust story and citing the awesome Jewish role in the western media.


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