Zionists’ Chutzpah and Ahmadinejad

In June 2009, addressing the Heritage Founadtion confrerence on Middle East peace process, the Islamophobe Guru, Daniel Pipes said: “I’m sometimes asked who I would vote for if I were enfranchised in this election, and I think that, with due hesitance, I would vote for Ahmadinejad”. Now, why would an Israel-First Jewish neocon support Iranian President Ahmadinejad? It’s obvious, he wants to use Ahmadinejad’s jab on the Zionist regime to milk more cash and support from the ‘USA Holy Cow’. Being aware of the fact that Dr. Ahmadinejad as President of IRI, cannot wage war on the Zionist entity because under the Constitution that decision rests with the Rehbar, Ayatullah Ali Khamenie, who is also the Supreme Commander of Iranian Armed Forces.

Steven Kull, director of the US think tank, WorldPublicOpinion.org., reported at the OpenDemocracy website on November 23, 2009 that even after Western “Fraud election” propaganda – 62% of all Farsi-speaking participants showed their confidence in Dr. ahmadinejad while only 43% said they would be ready to give up enriching uranium in exchange for removing sanctions.

Then came the Jewish vengeance. On February 7, Elie Wiesel’s racist arm, known as ‘Foundation for Humanity’ put a full-page adverisement in the New York Times, followed by at ‘International Herald Tribune’ (on February 9) – addressed to heads of ZOGs, Barack Obama (the US), Nicolas Sarkozy (France), Dimitry Medvedev (Russia), Gordon Brown (Britain) and Angela Markel (Germany): “How Long We Can Stand Idly By and Watch the Scandal (Ahmadinejad’s re-election) in Iran Unfold”. The appeal was signed by 44 Nobel Prize laureates, mostly Jewish.

The ad was as much shameless as World Zionist Congress appeal to Washington to get involved in war against Germany (WW II) on behalf of European Jewry. By the time war ended, 291,557 American soldiers died for others’ war (Hitler never attacked the US).

Elie Wiesel is a professional Israeli propagandist. After the Jewish army along with its Christian Phalangists allies, killed 20,000 Palestinian and Lebanese civilians – Elie Wiesel in his interview published in Jewish Post & Opinion (November 19, 1982) showed no remorse for the Muslim and Christian victims. He said: “I support Israel….. I identify with Israel”.

Professor Edward S. Herman wrote: “The problem with writing off the official results of Iran’s 2009 election as a fraud or as a stolen election is that both the 2005 presidential election results and a string of opinion polls carried out before and after the 2009 election suggest quite strongly that Ahmadinejad does in fact enjoy majority support among Iranians and very well could have won outright.

Thus in the June 24, 2005 presidential runoff between Ahmadinejad and the former Iranian President Ali Akbar Rafsanjani (1989-1997), Ahmadinejad won by roughly a 2-to-1 margin, receiving 62% of the vote, compared to Rafsanjani’s 32%. At the time, no one seriously contended that this result was based on electoral fraud.

Then, during the run-up to the 2009 election, an opinion poll completed by three U.S. groups just three weeks before the vote found that, for those Iranians willing to commit themselves, Ahmadinejad would beat Mousavi by better than a 2-to-1 margin (34% – 14%), a slightly higher ratio of victory than the official election results as reported by the Interior Ministry on June 13 (63% – 34%)”.

In order to know what Dr. Ahmadinejad really stands for – please read my earlier post Ahmadinejad beyond Zionist propaganda.


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