Booth’s conversion irks lesbian Zionist

Julie Burchill (born 1959), British ‘self-confessed Christian Zionist’ journalist and author, is daughter of a communist father. Her moral values could be judged by the fact that she had several husbands in the past, have been a drug addict, lived as a lesbian, and in 2009 she said that she was only attracted to girls in their 20s.

Having all those ‘western civilized credentials’ – Julie Burchill decided on October 27, 2010 to write a colum in the British daily ‘The Independent’ proving that Lauren Booth made a grave mistake by converting to Islam. In her words, Judaism is much better than Christianity and Islam (find the truth here). She confessed in her article that twice she decided to convert to Judaism, but was affraid that the conversion to a strict disciplinary Jewish religion would force her to abandon her ‘free life-style’. Julie was affraid to admit that even though she is far better a Zionist than a Zionist Jew – she would never be accepted as a ‘true Jew’ – because under Jewish law one has to be born to a Jewish mother. Furthermore, being a ‘Goyim’, she is a donkey and born to serve the Jews, according to Rabbi Ovedia Joseph, former Chief Rabbi of Israel.

It’s not Lauren Booth being a Muslim that upsets her much – but the pro-Israeli skunk inside her degenerated human body which hate Booth for her support for Hamas, Hizbullah and working with an Iranian TV rather than working for Rupert Murdoch’s Israeli hasbara empire.

“What kind of woman freely convert to a religion which supports the oppression (i.e. Muslims expeled Jews from every European country in the past, from England for 350 years), torment (i.e. Muslim crusaders who killed 147,000 Jews in Spain in 1495 CE and 5,000 Jews in Jerusalem in 1099 CE), and murder of thousands of Christians (i.e. Muslim communists murdered 60-100 million Russian and Ukrainian Christians under Jewish Lenin and Stalin) and spirited women, world wide, every year (i.e. Muslims bring in 50,000-100,000 new prostitutes into the US each year and sell 5,000 White Christian women in Jewish sex-slavery in Israel each year)?”

The Israel-born British writer and famous Jazz-player, Gilad Atzmon says Burchill displays a great command of Jewish humour – she presents herself as a veteran Sex Bomb in the article.

“I guess that the Zionification of Britain is begining to take a heavy toll on our cultural and public life,” Gilad Atzmon wrote.

“Would Booth have to go through such a slanderous campaign if she had converted into Judaism? I don’t think so. Would anyone in the British press dare remind us, for instance, that it is actually Judaism that calls on its followers to “pour their wrath on the Goyim?” No one would remind us that the crimes that are committed on a daily basis by the Jewish state, are actually implied by certain interpretation of the Old Testament, namely the Zionist interpretation,” he added.

“British multiculturalism is indeed a funny concept, it basically means tolerance towards everyone except Muslims,” Gilad claims.


8 responses to “Booth’s conversion irks lesbian Zionist

  1. Hey Rehmat,

    I have watched you rant for a long time and said nothing, but I really can’t take it any more. You really are something else. You always put down “Western Civilization”, yet you folks from the Middle East are the biggest bunch of liars there is. The truth of the matter is that you Muslims are no better than the Jews when it comes to being honest and both of you have dragged the United States into your wars.

    Want proof:

    1. Muslims have been starting wars with their neighbor’s since time began.

    2. Yes the Jews have too much influence in this country but so do you folks and every other immigrant in this country. You all want what we built.

    3. I have personally been around Muslims who would get drunk, were gay, etc. so don’t come off like you guys are so holy.

    4. In one of your posts, you say you live behind Abe Foxman, yet you list that you live in Canada. That would be one heck of a commute or a lie, which is it?

    Bottom line is you Muslims and Jews are two peas in a pod and I have no use for either one of you. The only thing I do agree with you is that the United States should pull out of the Middle East and stop supporting Israel. Let you guys kill each other then the rest of the world could live in peace.

  2. Hey Whitenight in ignorance pit

    I am sure the Rev. Martin Luther, the French philosopher behind the Protestant religion – called Jews the greatest liars in the world – And Benjamin Franklin, one of the authors of the US Constitution call the Jews “Vampires”.

    Now responding to your ignorance of world history – just for the sake the educated readers:

    1. Muslims liberated the Jews from Christian slavery in Jerusalem in 638 CE – according to Jewish professor Karen Armstrong, TIME magazine.
    2. Muslims liberated Jews from Christian slavery in Spain in 711 CE – according to Jewish Bernard Lewis PhD.
    3. It were Christian Crusaders who murdered 500,000 Jews in Spain in 1492-99, according to Encyclopedia Judea.
    4. It were Christian Franks who murdered 5,000 Jews in Palestine in 1099 CE – according to Professor Israel Shahak.
    5. “If I was an Arab leader I will never negotiate with Israel. Arabs never kill or expeled us from our lands. It’s we who have occupied their land and expeled them,” David Ben Gurion in his biography.
    6. Iran in the last 150 year has not attacked any of its neighbors while Israeli Jews have attacked all of it neighbors since 1948 – according to Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon.

    Regarding the Jewish power – Have you ever heard of any US presidential candidate going to Makkah? However, all of them and 90% of Senators and Congressmen are reported whining in front of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Muslims are the largest religious minority in United States (7-10 million) but no Muslim has been appointed in any US administration. Contrary to that, Jews less than 5 million in the US – have 17 Senators, 23 Congressmen and makes 46% of Ben Obama’s administration plus the Israeli-butts licking Zionist Christians.

    Yes some Muslims do get drunk and even practice homosexuality – but can you point out one Muslim in the Hollywood porn actors and actress – which happens to be all Jewish.

    Living “behind Abe Foxman” – I answered you on that particular Forum stupid – as I called you a “kid” for not understanding English in my response. You proved that I was right – not that you have a brain of a kid but you’re also a Islamophobe like Dr. Daniel Pipes.

    The last part of your crap I answered on the same Forum, idiot.

  3. I don’t disagree with Martin Luther or Ben Franklin; I just think you Muslims are no better.

    Now you might want to attack Christianity but, 1. You might want to check out this site and 2. As you know your religion is the most intolerant in the world. How many churches are in the Middle East (One less after the attack in Iraq)? We don’t stone our women to death or cover them head to toe. Our women are not second class citizens, but are some of our most productive citizens. They are not our property, they are our equals. We also don’t kill people for converting to another religion or talking to us about theirs.

    As for how many Muslims there are in the U.S. Government, you have a Muslim President, what more do you want. Here’s an idea, try running for office. This is the United States and you are free to do that here, unlike the Middle East.

    As for calling me a kid, an idiot, stupid, or whatever else you want, go right ahead. 1. That is the tactic of someone with no argument and a low IQ and 2. I would actually have to care what your opinion of me is and trust me I don’t.

    Lastly, I proved you are a liar with the Foxman issue because you couldn’t answer and then you pulled it from your site. I was always taught that if you lie about a small thing, you can’t be trusted with anything else. So lying and claiming you live near someone that is actually in another country is 1. Insignificant and 2. Shows you are the liar I said you were.

    Bottom line is you Muslims and Jews are two peas in a pod, you’re all liars and you destroy whatever country you are in.

  4. First of let me enlighten you idiot – I know Christianity better than you and other filth like you hidding behind Christianity. I am a bona fide graduate from a Catholic Mission Academy.

    Christianity, first all has nothing to do with Jesus, who is called an “imposter” and “bastard” in Jewish Holy Talmud. It was started by a Jew by the name St. Paul (Saul) and became a “religion” in 325 CE in “a lottery style” Cannonization.

    Barack Obama is not a Muslim. His mother is Jewish with Jewish roots. One of Obama’s brother-in-law is a Black Rabbi in the US.

    There is nothing wrong in calling an Islamophobe Israeli propagandist – stupid, moron, ignorant and event, quoting Talmud, “a bastard”.

    And bottom line is – you are proving to the readers again and again that you’re what I called you. Did you know that it was Christian Europe which expeled the Jews from every country in the past – longest from England for 350 years. Most of them took refuge in the Muslim lands because they found them more tolerant than Christians. Furthermore, study the record of top traitors among the US – they’re not Muslims but Jews and the Jewish-butts licking Christians.

  5. “On a final note I’d like to offer a quick translation between Muslim culture and media culture that may help take the sting of shock out of my change of life for some of you.

    When Muslims on the BBC News are shown shouting “Allahu Akhbar!” at some clear, Middle Eastern sky, we westerners have been trained to hear: “We hate you all in your British sitting rooms, and are on our way to blow ourselves up in Lidl when you are buying your weekly groceries.”

    In fact, what we Muslims are saying is “God is Great!”, and we’re taking comfort in our grief after non-Muslim nations have attacked our villages. Normally, this phrase proclaims our wish to live in peace with our neighbours, our God, our fellow humans, both Muslim and non-Muslim. Or, failing that, in the current climate, just to be left to live in peace would be nice,” Lauren Booth

  6. Oh Rehmat. Of course, the Qu’ran is totally free from instructions urging the faithful to act violently toward those not ” of the faith”.
    Except it isn’t.
    And not all Jews regard Judaism as matrilineal. Not are all of them zionists.
    And guess what, some Christians regard their faith as matrilineal. And some are zionists. Not the same ones , BTW, but just so you know.
    Please learn more about other faiths before you posit that they are inferior, just because of some clickbait.
    And the antsemitism?
    As a “person of the book”, you are a Semite.

    • I do wish Holy Qur’an had said what you say. Then most of world problems would have long solved during centuries of Muslim rule in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and a large part of Europe. No Christians No Jews, right!

      In case you never asked your rabbi – one cannot be Jewish unless his/her mother was Jewish. A great majority among the 12.7 million World Jewry supports the Zionist entity blindly – that make all of them Zionists to some degree.

      In case you didn’t know, there are over 65 million Christian Zionists in America alone. According to Netanyahu: ”those bastards support Israel to hasten the second-coming of their Lord Christ so that he could kill the Jews who refuse to convert to Christianity”.

      I’m a certified graduate of Catholic Mission, which makes me aware of the fact that the Bible was written by rabbis and popes – therefore, as Dr. Robert Funk admitted in 1991 that Bible “cannot be the Word of God”.

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