Petraeus: ‘Iran is on our side’

Washington has funny and shameless criteria for judging its friends and enemies. Not long ago, Iraqi Tariq Aziz was interviewed on American TVs as the “moderate Arab voice” against the Iranian mullahs. Now Tariq Aziz is sentenced to be hanged by the US occupation forces.

Gen. David Petraeus has changed his Zionist tune by saying that Tehran like the US, too opposes Taliban. General David Petraeus, projected as a “US military Hero in Iraq” by the Zionist-controlled mainstream media – is known for making stupid statements. For example, he was quoted by Lebanese Arabic daily Al-Hayat, published by pro-Israel Daily Star in which Petraeus blamed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the existence of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah. The idiot doesn’t know that Hizbullah was established by Lebanese Shia minority to fight Israeli occupation of South Lebanon in the 1980s. The Resistance threw its support behind Palestinian resistance only after it kicked the Israeli forces’ butts out of South Lebanon in 2000.

General David Petraeus during his testimony in the US Senate (April 8-9, 2008) told Senator Joseph Lieberman (Mr. Israel) that “Iranian-backed special groups are responsible for the murder of hundreds of Americans soldiers and thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians”. For making that lie to put some fuel in Israel’s war on Iran – Professor James Petras called Gen. David Petraeus the Zionism’s military poodle.

General Petraeus in an interview with VOA’s Persian Service on Friday carried US-Israel’s sinister agenda of pitting Shias against Sunnis. “Iran also opposes the extreme Sunni leadership in al-Qaeda and the Taliban,” said Petraeus. Interestingly, two of the top pro-US anti-Taliban leaders, former Afghan President Rabbani and Prime Minister Gulbedin Hikmatyar took refuge in Shia Iran rather going to Sunni Saudi Arabia. Both stayed in Iran as ‘state guests’ until the fall of Taliban regime in December 2001.

Washington had very cozy relations with Taliban in the past and still paying them millions of dollars for the safe passage of aid convoys to NATO forces in Afghanistan. Taliban leaders had visited America in 1997 and 1999. The US-Taliban ‘friendship’ turned into enemity when Taliban refused to hand-over Osama bin Laden to the US so he could be put in US jail on cooked-up evidence for masterminding the 9/11 and let the evidence of Israel being behind the tragedy covered.

Many of Taliban leaders have come out of Saudi-sponsored anti-Shia Wahabi cult and have realized that the Zionist thugs are the one who are running the US-NATO war in Afghanistan and the Saudi anti-Iran propaganda. Tehran along with Shia aid group, Agha Khan Foundation, have become the largest donors for the reconstruction work in Afghanistan. Islamic Iran is also home to over 500,000 Afghan refugees (in the 1990 it peaked to four million).


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