Western Wars are Hell for women

It was ten years ago that UN Security Council passed Resolution 1325, on the protection of women in war zones. However, a new study released by UN Population Fund (UNFPA) note that the greatest victims as result of western wars and sanctions (Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine, Bosnia, Kosova, Kashmir, etc.) have been women.

“Women rarely wage war, but they too often suffer the worst of its consequences,” says Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, executive director of the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA), which released Wednesday its 108-page annual ‘State of World Population’ on the impact of conflicts on women worldwide.

The UNFPA says its study is based, for the first time, on reports from the field from countries and territories that have experienced, or are experiencing, conflicts or disasters. These include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liberia, Uganda, Timor-Leste, Haiti and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

In an interview with Sanjay Suri, Thoraya Ahmed Obaid said that the view that Muslim societies are necessarily backward on the position of women arises from stereotyping – And she spoke of herself as a Muslim woman who did not fit the stereotype.

The UN Statistic Division (UNSD) report released on Wednesday, too, doesn’t paint a rosey picture when it comes to women rights, especially among the so-called “women’s right champions” in the West. According to the report, there are approximately 57 million more men than women in the world, with some countries, especially in Europe, experiencing an obvious “lack” of men while others have fewer women, for example, China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Violence against women around the world has several factors based on religious commands and the local traditions, such as, denial of inheritance (in Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism) and land ownership rights.

According to a study conducted by Laura Sullivan – One in three Native american women will be raped in her lifetime. Professor Helen Benedict (Columbia University) confirmed on Democracy Now! that the sexual abuse of female soldiers by male soldiers not something recent in Iraq or Afghanistan (between 2003-2007, 160,000 US female soldiers have served in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East) – it goes back to Korean War and Vietnam War.

In Iraq under the US occupation the situation of Iraqi women has continued to deteriorate. In addition to torture, sexual violence and rape by U.S. Occupation forces, a great number of Iraqi women and girls are kept locked up in their homes by a very real fear of abduction and criminal abuse. Since the invasion of Iraq, Iraqi women have been denied their human right, including the right to health, education and employment.

In Afghanistan the US occupation forces are reported rapping and killing Afghan women including pregnant Afghan women, sometime just for fun.

The UN peacekeeping forces have also been involved in rape of civilian women in Bosnia (over 60,000 raped by Christian Serb soldiers) including allegedly General Lewis MacKenzie, Canadian head of the UN peacekeeping force, raped four teenage Muslim girls. Indian Hindu occupation soldiers are known for raping Muslim women in Occupied Kashmir.

Colonel Russell Williams, a Canadian officer, was sentenced to life imprisonment on October 21, 2010 for murdering one of his subordinate and another women – breaking into their homes, stripping them, beating them and photographing them naked.

Next to war, the next tool used for the genocide of female population is the female infanticide. The western abortion techniques have made this ancient crime more successful. China tops the list while in India more than one million female fetus are destroyed each year.

According to Radio Australia, since 1980, 40 million female born or unborn child were murdered in India.

Holy Qur’an forbids Muslim soldiers to mistreat or kill women POWs and non-combatant women. It commands parents to leave inheritance (in money, property and land)to their daughters (half of son’s share). Muslim husband is forbidden to control his wife’s inhertance. Holy Qur’an also forbids abortion and call it a major sin.


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