Helen Thomas: ‘U can’t criticize Israel in the US’

Remember Helen Thomas, the former White House reporter for over five decades, who had the gutts to tell the Jewish settlers “to get the Hell out of Palestine and return to their native western countries – was recently interviewed by Scott Spears on WMRN-AM. She told Scott that the Zionist Rabbi David Nesenoff distorted her response to him on May 27, 2010. She said she was not talking about Auschwitz or anything else (the Zionists’ narratives of Nazi camps have still to be proven in a court of law as yet).

“They distorted my remarks, which they obviously have to do for their own propaganda purposes, otherwise people might wonder why they continue to take Palestinian land (if they’re victims of Nazis in Europe),” said Thomas.

When Spears asked whether she’s anti-Semitic, she responded “Baloney!” She said she wants to be remembered for “integrity and my honesty and my belief in good journalism” and would like to work again.

Helen Thomas described ‘Islamophobe’ Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as “a hawk.” ”I thought women in politics would have more compassion, be more liberal,” Thomas said.

Helen Thomas opinion about ‘Ms Israel’, Sarah Palin was frightening: “That would be a tragedy (Sarah being a Presidential candidate in future), a national tragedy. She is very conservative, reactionary, unbelievable.”

As a record – When Rabbi David Nesenoff asked Helen Thomas during the Jewish Heritage Day celebration at the White House, whether she had any comments on Israel.

“Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine,” she replied.

“Remember, these people are occupied and it’s their land. It’s not Germany, it’s not Poland,” she continued. Asked where they should go, she answered, “They should go home.”

“Where’s home?” Nesenoff asked.

“Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else,” Thomas replied.

“I told him exactly what I thought,” she told Spears.


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